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    Posted on Sep 20, 2015

    We, Non-Celebs, Acted Like Celebs On Instagram And This Is What Happened


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    Celebrities: They're just like us! Except...not. Since the invention of Instagram circa 2010, we've been given a closer look into the lives of our favorite, and not so favorite, celebrities.

    We watch as they promote themselves endlessly, and as they present their chosen "squad" to the world...

    And we've watched them promote product after product that none of us believe they actually use.

    Hi. We're Alex, Lara, and Ira. We love Instagram. And are (obviously) not celebrities. The following is what happened when we stopped taking pics of our food and started mimicking popular celebrity Instagram posts.

    The "I'm Starting a Feud" Instagram:

    The "Here's My Butt for No Reason" Instagram:

    The "I Got Paid a Lot to Post This Picture" Instagram:

    The "I'm Promoting Random Shit That No One Believes I Actually Use" Instagram:

    The "I Casually Took a Photo of My Friend With a Coffee Cup Logo Strategically Placed" Instagram:

    The "I Love My Fans" Instagram:

    The "Hanging With a Fellow Celebrity" Instagram:

    The "I Want to Use the Term 'Squad' So I Had A Photo Shoot With My Friends" Instagram:

    The "My PR Team Knows How To Search My Name on Tumblr" Instagram:

    The "Companies Send Me Free Shit and All They Get Is This Picture" Instagram:

    The "I'm Promoting a Drink But Not Even Drinking It" Instagram:

    The "I'm Promoting a Teeth Whitener Without Showing My Teeth" Instagram:

    The "I'm Promoting So Much Shit at Once, and Also I Have Cool Friends" Instagram:

    The "Here's My Body in a Completely Unnatural Pose" Instagram:

    I felt the need to send my friends texts to explain my behavior — that's how embarrassed I was to post like Kylie Jenner on top of a mountain.

    The "I Had My Picture Taken Today" Instagram:

    Things We Learned:

    1. You're allowed to be confident, but not that confident.

    2. Self-promotion gets you unfollowed.

    3. There's a difference* between loving yourself and being an egomaniac.

    4. *(The difference is how famous you are and, thus, how many people agree that you're great.)

    5. We may make fun of celebs' Instagram poses, but they really do make your butt look cute.

    6. And they are also VERY hard to re-create. Shout-out to Kylie Jenner: How you get your body to bend like that?

    7. We did not get any free things. (Yet.)

    8. We didn't realize how much we cared about our #brand until we went against it.

    9. Jokes don't come across very well on Instagram.

    10. Being called mom/dad is a good thing.

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