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The 12 Greatest Things The Nanny's Niles Ever Did Or Said

The Nanny was one of the funniest shows of the 90s, and it still makes us laugh to this very day. But, the wittiest and most hilarious character, Niles, provides us with nuggets of wisdom, giggles and pure joy. You keep it sassy, Niles.

lfeld824 6 years ago

The Things Little Miss Sunshine Taught Us

Little Miss Sunshine taught us all sorts of things about family, imperfection and, of course, racy beauty pageant dancing. And it taught us so well.

lfeld824 6 years ago

14 Best Soundtracks From Romantic Movies Of The 90s

Music is a story and the 1990s had some great ones to tell. A soundtrack can make or break a movie, especially when romance and emotion are involved. Here are some of the greatest hits.

lfeld824 6 years ago

11 Of The Strangest "Figure It Out" Contestants

Remember Summer, Billy the Answer Head and the '90s game show that defined our childhood? You may not remember how weird some of these contestants actually were

lfeld824 6 years ago

How To Be Kristen Wiig For Halloween

Kristen Wiig has played a variety of characters, but we undoubtedly love them all. Here's some inspiration for how to portray Wiig's most famous roles.

lfeld824 6 years ago

Reasons To Be Obsessed With Max Irons

Max Irons, appearing in the BBC miniseries The White Queen, is unbelievably attractive and worthy of our admiration. Let's see why:

lfeld824 6 years ago

The Most Memorable Neighbors Of The Nineties

Television of the 90s was full of smiles, laughter and fun. You're next door neighbor could be your best friend, your high school teacher, an annoying acquaintance or your one true love. In the 90s, anything could happen.

lfeld824 6 years ago