How To Be Kristen Wiig For Halloween

Kristen Wiig has played a variety of characters, but we undoubtedly love them all. Here’s some inspiration for how to portray Wiig’s most famous roles.

Blonde Flip wig
Yellow long sleeved dress
Baby hands
..and don’t forget a bald cap

2. The Target Lady

Red Vest
Blue Floral Shirt
Beige Khakis
A Big Smile…”Welcome to TARGET”

Festive Sweater
Yellow Turtleneck Undershirt
Chunky Necklace

White turtleneck undershirt
Any DIY holiday themed-festive-ridiculous vset
And…Your partner in crime. Sing together now.

5. Don’t Make Me Sing

1920s Dress
Dangling Earrings
Gatsby Wig
Martini in your hand.

6. Classy Bridesmaid

Nice dress.
High pumps.
Classy Jewelry.

7. Drunk Bridesmaid

Black and White Striped Top. Sunglasses.
“I’m ready to paaaartayyy”

8. Drunk Cinderella

Cinderella Costume. Black Necklace.
Martini Glass.

White collared shirt.
Dress of Hearts.
Afro with a Bow.

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