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The 12 Greatest Things The Nanny's Niles Ever Did Or Said

The Nanny was one of the funniest shows of the 90s, and it still makes us laugh to this very day. But, the wittiest and most hilarious character, Niles, provides us with nuggets of wisdom, giggles and pure joy. You keep it sassy, Niles.

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1. He broke it down with Nanny Fine.

2. Better yet, he did it alone.

3. He had such sage advice for today's youth.

4. He knew how to use what his mama gave him.

5. He could (literally) stuff a sock in it, when he absolutely needed to.

6. He could be such a sassafras.

7. He kept it consistent.

8. He always got us with those zingers. ZING!

9. He could tell jokes without words.

10. He gave directions like a boss.

11. Of course, he always had the last word.

12. And, in the end, he got the girl.

Mommy did always say that when a boy picks on you it means he really likes you!

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