8 Leading Ladies Who Chose Between Two Really Hot Men

When it comes to TV Love Triangles, women always have the toughest decision. Let’s take a look at some of the most contentious battles.

1. Mr. Big vs. Aidan

Show: Sex and the City
Girl: Carrie Bradshaw
Winner: Mr. Big
Why? It was always going to be Mr. Big, no matter how many men came before or after. He’s her man. This only made it harder for us when we fell in love with Aidan who is seemingly perfect.

2. Ben vs. Noel

Show: Felicity
Girl: Felicity Porter
Winner: Ben Covington
Why: The girl chased the boy to school, after all. And it turned out to be more than a crush. Poor Noel, who many viewers wished Felicity had ended up with, was always getting his heart broken.

3. Pacey vs. Dawson

Show: Dawson’s Creek
Girl: Joey Potter
Winner: Pacey Witter
Why?: When the show started out, it seemed like Dawson and Joey were the new Rachel and Ross-destined to be together. Yet, goofy pal Pacey turned out to be her ultimate choice as their chemistry was undeniably more powerful. It’s okay Dawson…cry it out.

4. Spike vs. Angel

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Girl: Buffy Summers
Winner: Neither?
Why: Girl immediately falls in love with vampire with a soul. Girl loses him. Girl slowly falls in love with other vampire with a chip in his head, and together they save the world. Typical, right? Angel and Spike are both delicious in their own way, which is why we’re okay with Buffy choosing neither. It was too hard of a choice.

5. Wesley vs. Gunn

Show: Angel
Girl: Winifred Burkle
Winner: Neither/Both/Fred turns evil
Why: Early on both Wesley and Gunn fight for Fred’s affection, and we love her with both men. Her relationship with Gunn was defined and cute, but her connection with Wesley (even after becoming possessed) is potent. Jury’s still out on this one.

6. Peter vs. Will

Show: The Good Wife
Girl: Alicia Florrick
Winner: TBD
Why: Oh, Alicia. Will you stand by your man who went astray, or will you follow the ‘could have been’ with your secret love connection? It seems as if the show is leaning toward the former, as Will and Alicia aren’t on the best of terms, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

7. Jack vs. Sawyer

Show: Lost
Girl: Kate Austen
Winner: Jack Shephard
Why: Jack or Sawyer, Sawyer or Jack? It’s been debated furiously amongst Lost fans. This love triangle between con man vs. surgeon lasted pretty much throughout the series. it. Kate and Jack have a special connection, but Kate and Sawyer…they were completely steamy. But in the end the hero got his heroine. At least Sawyer found Juliet?

8. Stefan vs. Damon

Show: The Vampire Diaries
Girl: Elena Gilbert
Winner: TBD
Why: Stefan’s the more cool-headed of the vampire brothers, but Damon is sultrier and passionate. Each bring out something different in Elena and it’s truly heartbreaking to have to close the chapter on either one. But, damn is it fun to watch both relationships go through the motions.

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