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    Posted on Sep 10, 2013

    15 Celebrities You Never Realized Released Albums

    Because not every celebrity can have an illustrious music career like Lindsay Lohan.

    1. Naomi Campbell, Baby Woman (1994)

    While most models go the acting route, Naomi decided to pursue singing, releasing her one and only album I Will Hit You With My BlackBerry Baby Woman in 1994. The only single from the album "Love and Tears" reached No. 40 in the U.K.

    2. David Charvet, David Charvet (1997)

    The former Baywatch and Melrose Place actor has actually released three albums and a digital single over the years.

    3. Jeff Daniels, Live and Unplugged to Benefit the Purple Rose Theatre (2005)

    The Newsroom actor released an album of satirical songs to benefit his Michigan theater company.

    4. Clint Eastwood, Rawhide's Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites (1963)

    Years before he played a singing cowboy in Paint Your Wagon, Clint released an album of cowboy favorites -- playing off the popularity of his TV show Rawhide.

    5. Amy Jo Johnson, The Trans-American Treatment (2001)

    The "Pink Ranger" actually contributed songs to both the Felicity (1999) and Sweetwater (2000) soundtracks before releasing her debut album in 2001.

    6. Alyssa Milano, Look in My Heart (1989)

    Alyssa actually released four albums between 1989 and 1992.

    7. Joey Lawrence, Joey Lawrence (1993)

    Whoa! The Blossom actor actually scored a top-20 hit with his Teddy Riley-produced track "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix."

    8. Terrence Howard, Shine Through It (2008)

    Terrance described his debut album as "urban country."

    9. Mr. T, Mr. T's Commandments (1984)

    We can forgive Mr. T for his attempt at rapping, he did it for the children.

    10. Steve "Blues Clues" Burns, Songs for Dustmite

    Steve’s debut album was actually well received, garnering a 7.8/10 from Pitchfork. Sadly, there are no appearances from Joe or Mailbox.

    11. Shaquille O'Neal, Shaq Diesel (1993)

    Shaq's debut album actually produced two top-40 hits, "What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock)" and "(I Know I Got) Skillz."

    12. Tia Carrere, Dream (1993)

    Tia's pop career never took off, but she has found success in Hawaiian music. She won a Grammy in both 2009 and 2011 for Best Hawaiian Music Album.

    13. Brian Austin Green, One Stop Carnival (1996)

    Remember when Brian’s character, David Silver, was a successful DJ and rapper on Beverly Hills, 90210? Yeah, this was worse than that.

    14. Robert Downey Jr., The Futurist (2004)

    Robert proved he is not only a gifted actor, but also a talented singer-songwriter too. He wrote eight ballads for the album.

    15. Joe Pesci, Vincent Laguardia Gambini Sings Just for You (1998)

    Ever wonder what an album from "Vinny" from My Cousin Vinny would sound like? The answer: Not good.

    Choice track, Joe rapping on "Wise Guy."

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