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*NSYNC Vs. Backstreet Boys

Battle of the boy bands.

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There are two types of people in this world: *NSYNC fans and Backstreet Boys fans. Which one are you?

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We gathered some serious BSB supporters...

...and some JT lovers to debate their favorite boy band.

First up, let's hear what the *NSYNCers have to say.


Exhibit B: Justin and Britney.

But let's not forget the other members of the band: JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Joey Fatone. Do you even remember the first names of all the Backstreet Boys?

"You know who I can compare Nick Carter to? The guy who helped me out with my groceries at Vons yesterday."

"We got 'Bye Bye Bye,' we got a little 'Feel the painnnnnnn,' we got 'No Strings Attached' shit going on."

But the BSB supporters were quick to point out that *NSYNC is basically just JT and the gang.

It was time to give them the floor.

BSB did it first.

The "I Want It That Way" music video was epic.

Even though they were iconic at the time, is any of it still memorable?

Even still, they're the top selling boy band of all time.

But the *NSYNC fans countered this point but saying that BSB has 8 albums, while *NSYNC only has 3.

So which is it, *NSYNC....

....Or Backstreet Boys?

  1. Which is your favorite boy band?

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Which is your favorite boy band?
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