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    21 Places Chandler Bing Might Be Instead Of Reuniting With The "Friends" Cast

    Is he in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

    On Feb. 21, five of the six Friends cast members will reunite for an NBC special honoring TV legend James Burrows.

    We've already seen some clips from their interview with Andy Cohen, and could they BE any cuter?!

    The gang is back together!

    Unfortunately, there's one very special member of the cast who won't be there: Matthew Perry, aka Chandler Bing.

    Apparently Perry is in London rehearsing for his play, The End of Longing...

    ...but it's not *totally* out of character for Chandler to be missing from the group, to be honest.

    Here are 21 other places Chandler Bing might actually be instead of hanging with his friends:

    1. Trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.

    2. 15 Yemen Road, Yemen.

    3. Taking a bath.

    4. Sitting in a box to "show Joey how much he means to him."

    5. Working late at his office because he's worried about the WENUS.

    6. Stuck in a restaurant bathroom stall without any clothes.

    7. Alone in his apartment staring at the rain while everyone else is visiting Joey’s new place.

    8. Watching a one-woman play called Why Don't You Like Me? A Bitter Woman's Journey Through Life.

    9. Handcuffed to a filing cabinet in Joanna's office at Bloomingdale's.

    10. Recording his own, personal music video to David Bowie's "Space Oddity."

    11. Feeling brokenhearted and listening to Lionel Richie by his lonesome.

    12. Watching "shark porn."

    13. Making out with Joey’s sister, Mary Angela.

    14. Looking through all of the junk in Mr. Heckles' apartment.

    15. Reading Chicken Soup for the Soul and trying to make himself cry.

    16. Trying to save Rosita's life after thinking he was responsible for breaking her in half.

    17. Testing out Monica's ovulation tests because he's bored at home.

    18. Accidentally watching a video about childbirth that's actually meant for Rachel.

    19. Spending some quality time in Tulsa, OK.

    20. Attempting to clean the apartment before Monica comes home from work.

    21. But honestly, he's probably just waiting for everyone to join him at Central Perk.

    Miss you, Chan Chan!