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11 Most Out-Of-Touch Celeb Moments Of 2023

For a TikTok video to promote her new snack brand, Charli D'Amelio donned a blue vest and worked the register at a Walmart. Commenters called her out for "roleplaying the working class."

Some celebrities are super out of touch and water is wet. It's not surprising, but what does come as a shock is how often they say or do out-of-touch things with their full chest.

Here are the 11 most out-of-touch celeb moments of 2023:

1. In the Netflix documentary series Beckham, which was released in October, Victoria Beckham started to claim she had a "working class" background — but then her husband David called her out.

david peeking his head through the door telling victoria to be honest
victoria admitting that her dad drove a rolls royce in the 80s

Victoria hilariously embraced the viral moment by releasing a "My Dad Had A Rolls-Royce" T-shirt through her eponymous fashion brand...for a whopping $150.

Watch the full clip below:

Netflix / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

2. In an August Instagram post, Kim Kardashian promoted a $2,499 medical scan, which isn't covered by insurance. In a picture next to an MRI machine, she wrote, "I recently did this @prenuvo scan and had to tell you all about this life saving machine...It has really saved some of my friends lives and I just wanted to share #NotAnAd."

Commenters criticized her for promoting the expensive and — according to the American College of Preventive Medicine and the American College of Radiology — unnecessary scan.

commentor asking how much it cost because they paid a grand with insurance for an MRI scan for breast cancer
commenter saying, what an amaing and lifesaving resource for people that are millionaires
commenter saying, also knowing there's a life saving machine out there but we can't use it really says a lot about what people care about

In a statement to BuzzFeed, Prenuvo said, "We cannot discuss any patient's personal experience. Prenuvo doesn't pay for sponsorships or public advocacy. We are grateful to Kim for sharing her story and spreading awareness about the potentially life-saving detections of a Prenuvo scan...While data from whole-body MRI screening is limited, we have seen how early detection can significantly impact positive health outcomes. Considering all the relevant factors, including the absence of direct risks with radiation or contrast, the availability of modern minimally invasive interventions, and confirmatory diagnostics for early-stage disease, it's difficult to argue against the overall net gain for proactive patients and the healthcare system."

They also said that, while they don't pay influencers to share testimonials, they can make "$300 coupon codes for influencers who share." Additionally, they said that no members of the Kardashian and Jenner families had invested in their company.

3. In October, for a TikTok video to promote her new snack brand, Charli D'Amelio donned a blue vest and worked the register at a Walmart.

charli wearing the vest and scanning her items

Commenters called her out for "roleplaying the working class."

roleplaying the working class is crazy
seeing these privileged ass people play retail is so infuriating omg
omg let's work a real job for a day

4. Similarly, Ed Sheeran picked up a shift at Starbucks to promote his new album, Autumn Variations, in August.

him in an apron writing a name on a coffee cup

He received criticism from actual Starbucks employees as well as other social media users.

Ed Sheeran / Via Twitter: @SBWorkersUnited

Ed Sheeran / Via Twitter: @adorecarina

5. On an October episode of The D'Amelio Show, influencer/singer Dixie D'Amelio complained about working. Viewers criticized her for coming across as insensitive to those who face financial struggles.

her listing things she needs to work on and then saying, i really don't wanna work anymore

Here's the full clip, with this part starting at the 0:52 mark:

View this video on YouTube

Hulu / Via

6. In March, Gwyneth Paltrow went to court for a public civil trial after she was sued for $3.1 million over an alleged 2016 ski crash. She countersued for $1, and the publicized trial led to many viral moments, including Gwyneth going on the stand and saying she "lost half a day of skiing" and when she was interrogated about her friendship with Taylor Swift.

closeup of her on trail

Here's a clip from the trial:

CBS / Via Twitter: @therecount

7. On an April episode of her podcast, Workin' On It, Meghan Trainor said, "We're homeschooling our kids. Everyone on TikTok is like, 'This is what it's like having kids in America. I have a bulletproof backpack.' I was like, 'Fuck all that.'" Her guest, Trisha Paytas, replied, "That, and also kids can be mean, teachers —" Meghan said, "Fuck teachers, dude."

closeup of her speaking into a mic

Following backlash, Meghan apologized in a TikTok video, saying, "Teachers of TikTok and teachers of the world, I recently said, 'F teachers' on a podcast, and that's not how I feel. I was fired up because I was talking about how sending your school here in America is so horrific. What all of us have to go through — especially teachers — is not normal and not OK...In that moment, I got angry and said, 'F teachers. F those specific human beings [who bullied me] back in the day...I did not mean all teachers. I love teachers, I fight for teachers. I think they have the hardest job, and they are the most underpaid. They are the most unappreciated — when they literally raise all of us. I don’t want to make excuses — I am just so sorry."

8. In his acceptance speech for Album of the Year at the Grammys in February, Harry Styles said, "This doesn't happen to people like me very often."

harry on stage with his award

While some fans pointed out that Harry may have been referring to an aspect of his identity outside of being a white, cis man, others criticized him on the grounds that the majority of Album of the Year winners have been other white, cis men.

Twitter: @MediaBritt

Twitter: @thoughtfulbae

He seemingly responded to the backlash in his acceptance speech for Artist of the Year at the BRIT Awards, saying, "I'm really, really grateful for this, and I'm very aware of my privilege up here tonight."

9. During a show that was part of her Las Vegas residency in July, Miranda Lambert stopped mid-song to scold fans who were taking pictures, saying, "These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song, and it is pissing me off..." Some audience members ended up walking out.

Here's full clip of the interaction from the New York Post:


MirandaLambert fans walk out of her concert after she shames selfie takers.

♬ original sound - New York Post | News
New York Post / Via

Adela Calin, one of the fans the singer called out, told Good Morning America, "I thought, I feel like I'm being back in school and me and my friends did something that annoyed the teacher and she scolded us so she told us to sit down. Everybody was having such a great time. We would stand up at times and dance. It was great energy. But after that happened it was just, um, it was not the same."

10. In a May Instagram post, Bryce Dallas Howard wrote about the challenges of breaking into the film industry. She said, "My peers and I were fortunate to attend one of the best drama schools, but there was a massive gap. While school gave us an amazing foundation, we finished our formal training and still felt stuck because we were told our only option was to wait for someone else to hire us. (Sound familiar?)"

closeup of her at an event

She continued, "So after months of trial and error, I knew I needed to create a strategy for myself; one based on what my grandparents taught me: to make a consistent living in the entertainment industry you must become a multi-hyphenate (actor/director/writer/producer) and create work for yourself AND your peers. Most students don't learn that until years into their career...It's my mission to empower newcomers with the same strategies that I've observed and practiced, because there IS a path to 'making it.'"

In the comments, fans called her out for not mentioning her father, Ron Howard, who cast her in early roles like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Beautiful Mind, and the connections and privileges that come with being the child of an acclaimed director.

this level of delusion of aspiration to be honest
commenter saying not everyone can just work hard and be clever and get to where you're at not even you did that nor did most celebrities
a nepp baby giving advice is like throwing water into the sea hoping it'll make a difference

11. And finally, during the Real Housewives of Miami reunion in March, Larsa Pippen, who's a jewelry designer and OnlyFans creator, called out her costar, Dr. Nicole Martin, who's a board-certified anesthesiologist. During an argument, Larsa said, "I have a real job, OK? Not like you — putting people to sleep."

the two arguing