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    Taika Waititi's Tweets Will Make You Want To Be His Best Friend

    Beautifully brutal.

    Taika Waititi is a director from New Zealand, and the man behind the upcoming Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok. He also has excellent taste in rompers.

    Waititi is a regular Twitter and Instagram user and is pretty damn funny. But most importantly, he spends a lot of time using his accounts to troll Marvel's actors.

    Happy Birthday Michael Fassbender! Look at him getting his batteries changed. #android

    (That is Benedict Cumberbatch, FYI.)

    Like, really troll them.

    One of the best things about making Thor: Ragnarok was getting to work with awesome Australian actors like Naomi Wa…

    (And that's Cate Blanchett.)

    Me and some wannabeme's. #Ragnarok #latimes #SDCC2017

    Especially his Australian cast.

    And he doesn't just limit himself to Marvel's actors. He goes all out with directors too, like Spider-Man: Homecoming's Jon Watts.

    My Japanese press photo for Thor: Homecoming. @scottderrickson @JamesGunn @MrPeytonReed @jnwtts

    And Guardians Of the Galaxy's James Gunn.

    And the heads of Marvel Studios.

    Hanging with the Rossi Brothers on set. You can't tell them apart! #AvengersInfiniteWar

    That's Marvel Studios copresident in the middle, and one of the Russo brothers on the right.

    In fact, Waititi has got so good at trolling that he's brought it into his interviews, like during his recent San Diego Comic-Con appearance.

    And he's got fellow New Zealanders to join him IRL in trolling his Australian actors.

    It'd be super mean, if Waititi wasn't also a total babe to his cast.

    And wasn't so good at jokes.

    So, really, 💖 Taika.

    Yeah it's double fucking denim. Even the hair is denim. The lesson? Be me. #GodOfDenim #Ragnarok #DenimyOfTheState…