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17 GIFs That Capture Friday (for Teachers)

Though Friday can be a welcome relief for many people, we all know that no one feels it quite like teachers.

kolbylirette • 2 years ago

Reasons You Should Go To Lagunita's Brewery

I mean, as if you need more than a reason than Fri-yay.

kolbylirette • 3 years ago

14 Songs That You Didn't Know Were Actually About Teaching

Some overt, some a little bit more obscure--all of these songs are actually about teaching!

kolbylirette • 3 years ago

20 GIFs That Perfecly Sum Up Teacher Struggles

Friday is always just around the corner.

kolbylirette • 3 years ago

18 GIF's That Capature The Struggle Of Catalyst Teachers

Let's be real, we've all witnessed the struggle before. Now we're just reflecting upon it on a Friday!

kolbylirette • 3 years ago