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20 GIFs That Perfecly Sum Up Teacher Struggles

Friday is always just around the corner.

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7. When you're about to give a full class redirection, and a student yells everything you were planning to say out of frustration.

Cash Money Records / Young Money Entertainment

Don't look at me. Homie's got a point.


11. When you see a student talking to another student during a test, after you were very clear that any talking will result in an F.

Sony Pictures Television

Now I have to hold you to the consequence that I made up on the fly and never intended to enforce... how dare you do this me.

12. When you get an email from a student at 11:47 PM the day before an assignment is due.

YouTube / MyDamnChannel

You didn't do any of your five-page paper until today, and now you're asking for an extension?

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