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51 Reasons 2013 Was The Best Year Ever To Be A Nerd

Our time has come friends.

1. Because Tom Hiddleston danced for us. In his pajamas. In bed.


3. And a colorful* new Doctor was introduced.

And Karen Gillan, ginger queen approved.

4. Because Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson continue to be perfect humans.

5. Because we got this excellent Star Wars blooper reel.

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6. And because Jar Jar Binks finally, FINALLY died*. Vindication at last.

7. And Queen Rowling blessed us with a new Harry Potter movie.

8. Because our iPhones got upgrades, both outside and inside.

9. Because DAMN Agent Rogers.

10. Because we were given Sleepy Hollow and, more importantly, Orlando Jones.

11. Because Commander Chris Hadfield blessed us with David Bowie covers FROM SPACE.

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And he did a bunch of other cool stuff because he is actually the best and now we all want to grow up and be astronauts just like him.

12. Because we got as obsessed with the cult of doge as Will Graham.

13. Because Sam Claflin gave us a great reason to volunteer as tribute.

14. And Marvel unveiled a new superhero who is both a Muslim and a BAMF woman of color.

15. Because your stunning ginger queen Karen Gillan became your stunning bald queen Nebula.

16. Because omfg ATTACK ON TITAN.

17. Because COULSON LIVES!!!

18. Because this year Misha Collins gave the world his phone number.


19. Because Captain Dad proved you're never too old to geek out.

20. Because Shakespeare and Joss Whedon is the perfect combination.

21. And because the love between Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan was stronger than ever.

22. Because Neil deGrasse Tyson kept it real.

23. Because Loki conquered SDCC.

24. And felled fangirls all through out con.

25. Because San Francisco Batkid was the cutest thing that's ever happened and if you disagree you're wrong.

26. Because the Veronica Mars movie is finally happening (and it's all thanks to you)!!!

27. Because Castiel lost his wings (and his shirt) on Supernatural and we're all okay with that.

28. Because this little girl got to meet Stan Lee.

29. Because Jessica Lange terrified you into wanting to grow up and be her.

30. Because you stuffed yourself full of Cornetto.

31. Because Tom Hiddleston as Loki as Captain America played by Chris Evans.

32. Because even though Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who, Dan Harmon is coming back to Community!

33. Because Spock revealed himself as a Belieber.

34. Because you didn't know it was possible to fall even more in love with RDJ, but it was and you did.

35. Because Benedict Cumberbatch WAS the real.

36. Because we went to Mars and drew a dick.

37. Because Dylan O'Brien lusted after Tyler Hoechlin.

38. Because Khan took a shower.

39. Because Bill Nye was, briefly and wonderfully, The Dancing Guy

40. Because Khal Drogo came back from the dead, crashed SDCC, made out with Emilia Clarke and then she fangirled about it.

41. Because we finally get a new Playstation omg

Also the new XBox One but who gives a shit about that.

42. Because THRANDUIL.


44. Because Chris Pratt blessed us with this first look at Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy.

45. Because Rinko Kikuchi and her love of describing Guillermo Del Toro as a teddy bear.

46. Because John Barrowman could not be contained by even Time Lord technology.

47. Because sharks were combined with tornadoes and it was everything we ever dreamed and more.

48. Because governments seriously began debating zombie survival strategies.

49. Because flower crowns EVERYWHERE.

50. Except for in Night Vale where they prefer soft meat crowns instead.

51. And Deadpool was still awesome. The end.