So Yesterday Misha Collins Gave Out His Number On Twitter

Because he was taking Twitter questions about GISHWHES and “typing is too tedious. I feel i could be much more efficient on the phone.”

1. It all started with an innocuous tweet about GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen).

ID: 1445857

2. But then *Misha took it to the next level.

*For the record: This was not his personal number, most people theorized that it was a temporary Google Voice or Skype number set up specifically for him to field calls related to GISHWHES. It’s also sadly disconnected now.

ID: 1445884

3. The response was overwhelming, most of the calls going to voicemail.

ID: 1446193

4. (Here’s the most incredible voicemail in the world.)

View this embed ›

ID: 1446499

5. But the lucky few who allegedly got to talk/text him got some very high quality convo:

ID: 1446012

21. Basically the only way for Misha to top himself now is:

ID: 1446231

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