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    This 84-Year-Old Nonna Livestreams Pasta-Making Classes From Italy And It's *Chef's Kiss*

    The secret ingredient? Love.

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    Quarantine has got a lot of people trying their hands at cooking. Just look at your Instagram feed, which is probably 90 percent pictures of crusty baked sourdough loaves or fresh-from-the-oven banana bread.


    I may or may not be guilty of posting both of these on my stories...

    But it's time to stop thinking about bread for a second (I know, a monumental task) and hop onto the pasta train! If making fresh pasta from scratch terrifies you to your very core, fret not, because Nonna is here to show you the light.

    Airbnb / Via

    Nonna Nerina is an 84-year-old living outside of Rome, Italy. She, along with her granddaughter, runs an Airbnb experience where she teaches people how to make pasta by hand — no fancy machines necessary!

    Usually, guests would join Nonna in her kitchen to learn how to make everything from lasagne to gnocchi to ravioli.

    But since Italy's stay-at-home order has stopped her from having guests, she's come up with a way to continue spreading that pasta love by offering livestreams of her cooking classes!

    Nonna's classes are livestreamed on weekends (although you can take Chiara's classes on weekdays), last for about two hours, and cost about $28.

    You'll receive the shopping list a week before the class, so you can make sure to grab the necessary ingredients on your next grocery store trek. Toilet paper might be out of stock, but who needs that when you can get fresh Parm and tomatoes?

    Warner Bros.

    ^ Us running home from the store to cook with Nonna (after thoroughly washing our hands, of course).

    Nonna then walks you through how to make that day's speciality, whether it's fresh fettuccine with tomato sauce or stuffed cannelloni (bet you've never made that before!).

    Nonna'a Handmade Pasta with Grandma / Via

    Make it rain, Nonna!

    But the best part comes at the end, when you get to taste your handmade pasta with Nonna. Even from across the world, you'll be able to feel that grandmotherly love.

    You can register for classes here to feed not only your belly, but your soul with some delicious pasta making magic.

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