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    15 Tasty Bread Recipes To Try While You're At Home In Quarantine

    When "let's get this bread" is about actual bread.

    ICYMI, baking fresh bread has quickly become one of the most popular pastimes for people self-isolating at home. So much so that I've rounded up a few of Tasty's best bread recipes:

    1. First, catch up with the trend and make a loaf of sourdough bread:

    2. For all of my keto peeps out there, this low-carb bread recipe should do the trick:

    3. Give your oven a little break and try this slow cooker rosemary bread:

    4. Vegetables and chocolate in one bite? This chocolate chip zucchini bread is the best of both worlds:

    5. Go classic with a dutch oven bread loaf:

    6. Instead of grilled cheese with your tomato soup, mix it up and try some cheese naan:

    7. Running low on ingredients? This three-ingredient flour-free cloud bread is perfect:

    8. Say it with me, folks. Focacciaaaaaa:

    9. I dare you not to eat every slice of this roasted rosemary garlic loaf:

    10. Like it spicy? Give this jalapeño cheddar bread a shot:

    11. Or keep it simple and make a loaf of whole wheat bread, perfect for sandwiches or toast:

    12. Missing your favorite bagel shop? Make your own!

    13. Who says bread can't have a little crunch? Try this delicious zucchini almond bread:

    14. Need a side? How about some simple dinner rolls?

    15. And finally, this ice cream bread is an absolute must for dessert, because just LOOK AT IT:

    Which one will you try? Tell us in the comments!