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18 Times James Blunt Took No Shit On Twitter In 2015

Not even he thinks you're beautiful.

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By now we all know how enjoyable James Blunt is on Twitter.

From trolling his fans.

To be honest, I don’t even really like music.

To making humorous statements.

You know we’d win the Eurovision Song Contest if you just had the balls to enter me.

But mainly because he's the comeback king. And in 2015 he took no shit. At all:


Yeah, I bought those 20 million albums myself. RT @TroyJosephDavis: no one really likes James Blunt right?


Just that and a few super models. RT @_idkmatilda: has James blunt done anything other than that one song in his whole career


Suggest you ask my wife. RT @_brookesux: is james blunt gay


2006, actually. RT @K_Dick33: Why does James Blunt have a million followers? He stopped being relevant in 2009


U’re just a jealous runner-up in the Rudest Cunt Competition. RT @ooliviae: James Blunt is the rudest cunt on this earth, I fucking hate him


Infectious too! Like herpes. RT @chillyeol: James Blunt is so irritating


That’s not actually me, that’s her. RT @ajantajudd: James Blunt is still moaning....


Yup, it's called "Greatest Hit". RT @Farrsigh: There's a "best of" James Blunt? Really?


The latter. RT @unemployedfatty: @JamesBlunt Are you gay? Just curious.


My bad. Missed my hanky. RT @DJWagstaff11: Day couldnt get any worse than @JamesBlunt coming on the radio at work... #notbeautiful



I'm guessing this is not good. RT @supermarton: James Blunt es lo peor que le ha pasado a la humanidad desde Hitler


For once, I agree with him. RT @NME: Noel Gallagher says songs about his own life would be 'more boring than James Blunt'


Really? I thought we'd got rid of me years ago. RT @ianbirrell: James Blunt is 'dominating' UK culture, according to Labour arts spokesman


Who, me? RT @sam_ayling: @JamesBlunt fagot


Can’t stand your face but thanks for the compliment RT @BWillett87: @JamesBlunt can't stand your music but your comebacks are second to none


Time to legalise assisted dying. RT @IndyMusic: Noel Gallagher says he cannot live in a world where Ed Sheeran sells out Wembley Stadium


Unless I find your bum. RT @zomboy666: I've got fucking James Blunt in my head. I suppose at least that means my day can't get any worse.