James Blunt Warned Adele About Releasing Her Album The Same Day As Him, Like Adele Is Going To Have To Do Something About This

    This is war.

    James Blunt is known for, like, two things.

    James Blunt singing

    1) That song "You're Beautiful."

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    And 2) Mercilessly roasting himself on Twitter.

    I did already. https://t.co/TePcTaLGUx

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    He's been doing it for years.

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    It's kind of dark, but it's just so good.

    During lockdown, while many other artists are doing mini-concerts from their homes, I thought I’d do you all a favour and not.

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    The self-deprecation is real.

    Unless they paid me. https://t.co/4voSh2UiT7

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    But don't think you can just tweet whatever you want at him, because he will respond.

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! No. https://t.co/dZeLFp5aaQ

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    The man loves replying to people who cross him.

    Congratulations. You have figured out how surnames work. https://t.co/4VPDIm9yr0

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    And he's got a real thing for people who use the wrong "you're."

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    Anyway, Adele is releasing her new album on Nov. 19.

    Twitter: @Adele

    Taylor Swift apparently moved her Red album re-release because of it.

    Got some news that I think you’re gonna like - My version of Red will be out a week earlier than scheduled (including the 4 disc vinyl) on November 12th ! Can’t wait to celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old autumn heartbreak album🧣😍 🎥 🎥 https://t.co/FVp6xizaOG

    Twitter: @taylorswift13

    But one man is defiant against the Adele machine, and that is James Blunt. James is supposed to release his greatest hits album on Nov. 19.

    James playing the guitar onstage

    And unlike Taylor Swift, he's not moving it.

    James responded to Adele's announcement in defiance of her album:

    Watch how fast that date changes the moment she realises my album is out the same day. https://t.co/p3Q5KnjuuW

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    He's not scared:

    Bad news - my new album drops the same day. https://t.co/1kg5C9mTcx

    Twitter: @JamesBlunt

    So, watch out Adele. You've been warned.


    Twitter: @JamesBlunt