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    Hayley Atwell Can't Stop Using The Dubsmash Lip-Synching App And It's Hilarious

    Any requests for Agent Carter?

    You may have heard of phone app Dubsmash, which lets you take short video selfies of you lip-synching dubbed with famous songs and quotes.

    It's fast becoming a favourite app for celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez here.

    And Cara Delevingne.

    Even Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara have been getting in on the action.

    But now Hayley Atwell, aka Agent Peggy Carter, has discovered the app. And quite frankly she can't get enough of it.

    In fact she's now even offering requests.

    Here she is doing her best Taylor Swift.

    And here's her Spice Girls impression.

    She also does a perfect Beyoncé.

    Oh hell yeah, @MicheleFazekas tell 'em

    She enjoys it so much she's started to get her celebrity friends involved, including Ron Perlman.

    And Billie Piper, who joined her for a Salt-N-Pepa rendition.

    This one she dedicated especially to Captain America, Chris Evans.

    So Cap, you want in on the Carters? BRING IT @ChrisEvans

    And the whole thing is pretty damn hilarious.

    We think she may be a little addicted.

    But that's okay because we are addicted to watching them.

    Ummm ladies @EmilyVanCamp and Scott Evans

    So may the daily Hayley Atwell Dubsmash videos continue.

    👏 👏 👏