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Benedict Cumberbatch Stars In Adorable "Sesame Street" Video

And now we love him even more. (If that is at all possible)

Benedict Cumberbatch stopped by "Sesame Street" for the most delightful of appearances.

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In the clip, he found himself face-to-face with his latest enemy, "Murray-arty."

(This was only the first of many wonderful Sherlock jokes.)

The dastardly Murray-arty challenged him to solve a mathematical puzzle.

Then he pretended to be clueless about counting, which of course was the cutest.

Fortunately, Count von Count was there to help.

With the muppet's help, "Counterbatch" solved the problem and saved the day!

Although he couldn't convince them that he wasn't actually Sherlock Holmes.

We love you, Benedict Sherlock!