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32 Reasons Kate Middleton Is The Most Perfect Human Being Alive

Happy 32nd birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge!

1. She's Kate Middleton.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

2. The Duchess of Cambridge, for Christ's sake.

3. She has glorious hair.

4. And insanely perfect teeth.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

5. We can't see them but we're SURE she also has amazing princess feet, too.

Pool / Getty Images
Pool / Getty Images

6. She's a windswept goddess.

7. A ping pong queen.

8. With the best celebration moves.

9. And an infectious smile and laugh.

10. She's elegant.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

11. And classy.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

12. A total charmer.

13. Even Prince William's portrait is checking her out.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

14. She loves Harry Potter as much as we do.

15. And fan girls like the rest of us. Just more elegantly so.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

16. She created our future King.

17. Just LOOK at him.

18. Yet somehow looked like THIS just 88 days after giving birth. She's a super human.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

19. She gets involved.

20. No matter the task at hand.

21. And has a massive heart.

WPA Poo / Getty Images

22. She wears 3D glasses so well.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

23. And gives the best side-eye known to man.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

24. She's close to her sister.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

25. And together they are perfection personified.

26. She's slotted into the Royal Family oh so ridiculously well. Because she is the most perfect human alive.

27. Even when she's flipping pancakes.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

28. Or taking part in a Mexican wave.

29. Or staring into the air angelically like only the future Queen could.

30. She loves her Prince.

31. And he loves her.

32. But not as much as we love her, William.

Toby Melville / Reuters

Happy 32nd birthday Kate! You perfect super human of a creature.

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