27 Times Kate Middleton Proved She Was The Most Flawless Human Of 2013


1. When she made friends with this tiny Disney princess.

Via AP Photo / Owen Humphreys

Three-year-old Isobelle Laursen dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast to meet “Princess Kate” when she visited Grimsby in March.

ID: 2188530

2. When she adorably worried about her height during a group photo.

ID: 2190409

3. When she was the essence of diplomacy and said she “loved” her first official royal portrait, making her the only person in the world to do so.

Pool / Reuters

AP Photo/Sang Tan


Seriously though. How weird does she look in that painting?

ID: 2188536

4. When her smile was so warm, she made everyone forgot that they were camping in the snow.

Pool / Reuters

The Duchess of Cambridge spent a wintry March day volunteering at a Scout Association camp in the Lake District.

ID: 2190105

5. When she improved upon the gorgeous outfit she wore for St. Patrick’s Day 2012 by adding a royal baby bump.

Via Left: TOBY MELVILLE / Reuters. Right: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP / Getty Images

The most perfect way to accessorize.

ID: 2188613

6. That time she sunk a basket and did the cutest royal victory dance.

AP Photo/ David Cheskin, Pool

AP Photo/ David Cheskin, Pool

AP Photo/ David Cheskin, Pool


It took her eight attempts to make a basket during a visit to a Glasgow homeless shelter in April. She joked, “I blame it on the pregnancy.”

ID: 2191076

7. When she looked so stunning that even her husband’s portrait was checking her out.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

Yeah, William’s picture at the National Portrait Gallery is about 110% better than hers.

ID: 2188494

8. When she challenged Prince William to a wizard’s duel.

Will, Kate and Harry visited the studios where the Harry Potter movies were filmed in Leavesden.

ID: 2178614

9. And released her inner Hermione Granger.

AFP/AFP / Getty Images

Best. Photo. Ever.

ID: 2188862

10. That time she was literally so perfect that a random photograph was more beautiful than any elaborately staged magazine cover.

WPA Pool / Getty Images


ID: 2188898

11. Each and every time she demurely reminded the world that she was carrying the heir to the British throne.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
ID: 2197715

12. When she was so radiant that people were drawn toward her, like a moth to a brilliant flame.

Toby Melville / Reuters

She was the star of the show at the annual Buckingham Palace garden party.

ID: 2188809

13. When she gave this impressively regal side-eye to a photographer during a ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

WPA Pool / Getty Images
ID: 2188503

14. That time she christened a cruise ship and had the cutest reaction ever.

ID: 2189941

15. When she stepped out of the hospital carrying her newborn son and magically caused the wind to waft through her hair.

Cathal Mcnaughton / Reuters

After having given birth the DAY BEFORE.

ID: 2188785

16. When she demonstrated her phenomenal parenting skills by teaching her 1-day-old son how to wave to the photographers…

Dianna McDougall / Via twitpic.com
ID: 2180866

17. And laughed at the idea that anything about her — even a post-partum baby bump — would be less than perfect.

Samir Hussein / WireImage
ID: 2188806

18. When the glow of her beautiful new family was almost too much for the camera to take.

Handout . / Reuters / Reuters

The first official portraits of the Cambridge family were pretty much too cute to handle.

ID: 2188493

19. That time she and Prince William attended their first black-tie event after the birth of their son and she looked like a sparkly fairy princess.

WPA Pool / Getty Images
ID: 2188880

20. When she played volleyball in extremely high shoes only 88 days after giving birth.

CARL COURT/AFP / Getty Images

WPA Pool / Getty Images

ID: 2188968

21. And then caused the world to collectively lose its mind over her predictably perfect post-baby body.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

ID: 2190866

22. When she stepped up her fashion game by matching her ensemble to her baby’s…

Pool / Reuters

She glowed like the most glorious of proud mothers at Prince George’s christening in October.

ID: 2188788

23. And proudly took her place among the royals for the most adorable, regal photo ever.

ID: 2197778

24. When she adjusted her hair during a Remembrance Day ceremony and literally everything else in the world became irrelevant.

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

ID: 2188840

25. When she sang along with a puppet during a visit to a children’s hospice.

ID: 2180119

26. That time she made even 3D glasses look good.

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters / Reuters

At the December premiere of a nature film at the Natural History Museum.

ID: 2190011

27. When she literally could not hold all of the tributes given to her by the adoring public.

Andrew Winning / Reuters
ID: 2197706


Cathal Mcnaughton / Reuters / Reuters
ID: 2188855

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