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    26 TV Characters People Actually Really, Really Hate

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV characters they hated so much, they almost stopped watching the show altogether. Here are some of their responses:

    🚨 Spoilers ahead!!! 🚨

    1. Rachel from Glee:

    Rachel says she deserved Maria on West Side Story

    "All these well-rounded, interesting characters surrounded her, but she never stopped hogging the spotlight. The attempt to humanize her fell flat."


    2. Jess from New Girl:


    "This is controversial, but I found her annoying right off the bat in Season 1. I get that she's supposed to be 'quirky,' but that doesn't mean acting completely childish. She got better in later seasons, but in that first season, I was just watching for Cece and the boys."


    3. Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Riley dares Buffy to hit him
    The WB

    "He was so selfish and made Buffy's mom being sick all about him. He couldn't stand the fact that Buffy was stronger than him."


    4. Veronica from Riverdale:

    Veronica says she and Archie are "endgame"
    The CW

    "I hate how she speaks as if she’s the richest person on Earth and everything is beneath her. I also hate how she talks to Archie, and her relationship with her dad is just confusing to me. In general, her character brings nothing to the show for me but annoyance."


    5. Andy from The Office:

    Andy making a ridiculous face

    "I'm sorry, but he may be one of the most annoying characters on a show EVER."


    6. Piper from Orange Is the New Black:


    "She was so irritating. I found it hard to believe that both Larry and Alex were in love with her."


    7. Rory from Gilmore Girls:

    The WB

    "I stopped watching Gilmore Girls because I just didn’t like Rory. I thought she was an entitled, selfish brat who made terrible decisions. When she dropped out of college and stopped talking to her mother, I wanted to reach through the TV and start shaking her."


    8. Alaric and Landon from Legacies:

    The CW

    "I definitely can't stand Landon, but I especially hate Alaric. The show focuses too much on them and it gets so annoying to watch. I always just start tuning out the second it gets to Alaric, and it gets 10 times worse when he shares a scene with Landon."


    9. Ani from 13 Reasons Why:

    Ani defends Bryce and says he was trying to change

    "She just felt like a fill-in for Hannah and ultimately damaged the show more than she helped it. Plus, she was sort of the messenger for the whole idea that Bryce was 'a human too.' She ultimately was there for no good reason and had no character arc. The actor didn't deserve all the hate, though — she was just doing her best with the character she was given."


    10. Owen from Grey's Anatomy:

    Owen yells at Cristina and says she killed their baby

    "He was so irritating. I hate the way he was always portrayed as this poor guy who couldn't catch a break, when in reality, he cheated on literally every partner he ever had. He even publicly shamed and humiliated Cristina about her abortion when she’d always been clear that she didn’t want kids. His behavior was inexcusable."


    11. Paige from Pretty Little Liars:

    Paige tries to drown Emily, kisses her a couple of episodes later

    "Everyone just conveniently ignored how she tried to drown Emily."


    12. Dawson from Dawson's Creek:

    Dawson crying after Joey rejects him
    The WB

    "It should have been Pacey's Creek!"


    13. Logan from Gilmore Girls:

    Logan: "Damn straight I'm gonna party, come June my life is over"
    The WB

    "He was a rude, spoiled brat who always threw a tantrum when he didn't get what he wanted. Rory wasn't great either, but she was a better person before she met him. The whole cheating on his fiancé plot in the revival was disgusting."


    14. Elena from The Vampire Diaries:

    Elena crying as Damon leaves
    The CW

    "She was so whiny and everything always had to be about her."


    15. Archie from Riverdale:

    Valerie dumps Archie
    The CW

    "He's the most self-absorbed character on the show. He's always whining about his own trivial problems when much bigger ones are happening around him."


    16. Connor from Angel:

    The WB

    "He is seriously, without a doubt, my least favorite character of any show ever. What were his redeeming qualities? Sure, he was cute as a baby, but he caused the deaths of Darla and Cordelia (two of the best characters) and was unbelievably annoying."


    17. Dre from Black-ish:

    Bow and Dre fight over a bad movie

    "He was only concerned with appearances and kind of awful to everyone. He was so self-centered, hypocritical, and whiny."


    18. Hannah from Girls:

    Hannah calls herself the laziest person she's ever met

    "On a show where there were so many unlikable characters, Hannah found a way to be the worst. She was super selfish and expected unconditional support from her friends, but refused to support them in return."


    19. Dan from Gossip Girl:

    Dan calls Serena desperate attention-seeking and sad
    The CW

    "He was selfish and rude. He hurt his family, friends, and significant others with his blog."


    20. Magda from Jane the Virgin:

    Magda threatens Abuela
    The CW

    "I loathed her because she was so well-written and acted. I had a hard time watching scenes she was in and kept rooting for her to get her karma. I did still finish the series, but characters don't usually get under my skin like she did."


    21. Dil from Rugrats:

    Dil screaming

    "He was so annoying and even got worse on the spinoff."


    22. Mateo from Superstore:

    Mateo says the jacket is great "if you want to look like a man"

    "He started off funny and likable, but became unbearable and selfish, like when he pressured Jonah into moving out of Amy’s home just so he could move in. He acts like he's the best person ever and everyone else is beneath him, which just makes me want to turn off the show whenever he appears."


    23. Michael from The Office:

    Michael pretending to be "Prison Mike"

    "The show is just totally unwatchable for me, and Michael Scott is like 60% of the reason I can't stand it."


    24. Alex from Modern Family:

    Alex argues with Haley

    "The older she got, the worse she became. If I spoke to my mom the way she spoke to Claire, I would quickly be put in my place! She continuously put down her sister and everyone around her. She was always either laughing at someone or scoffing at them. We get it, you’re smart."


    25. Daniel from Cobra Kai:

    Johnny says Daniel moved in on his girl

    "I admit he got better as the series went on, but in Season 1, he was so mean to Johnny and just super annoying."


    26. And finally, Tristan from Degrassi: Next Class:


    He was rude, entitled, and mean to pretty much everyone. Nobody ever called him out on any of his behavior and just brushed it off as him being "sassy" or "funny." I get that he'd been through a lot, but it wasn't an excuse to be awful to everyone around him. Miles deserved better.

    Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily agree with all of these submissions!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Not all submissions were from Community users.

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