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    Tell Us About A TV Character You Hated So Much, You Almost Stopped Watching The Show

    Oh great, this guy.

    It's happened to everyone: you're watching your favorite show and having a great time...but then that character shows up. They're so annoying, you're almost tempted to turn the TV off altogether.

    Michael from "The Office": "Why are you the way that you are?"

    Perhaps you absolutely couldn't stand Ted on How I Met Your Mother because you found him whiny and self-absorbed.

    Ted: "Something is seriously wrong with me"

    Maybe you wish Hiram had never become a main character on Riverdale because he was so much better as an offscreen villain and everything went downhill after he was introduced.

    The CW

    Perhaps you couldn't stand Rachel on Boy Meets World and thought she was a terrible, unnecessary addition to the cast.


    Or maybe you got sick of watching Landon's drama 24/7 on Legacies and were way more interested in Hope and the Saltzman twins.

    The CW

    Tell us what TV character was so bad, they almost ruined the whole show for you and why you couldn't stand them. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!