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    People Are Discussing What Certain Movies Would Be Like From Another Character's Perspective, And My Mind Is Exploding

    I have now decided I absolutely need Twilight from Charlie's POV now.

    We all have those movies we could watch over and over again and never get tired of.


    But have you ever watched a movie and wondered what the story might look like from another character's POV?


    This week, Reddit user FozzyBearTheMuppet asked, "If, instead of rebooting movies, it became a trend to retell them from a different character's perspective, what film would you want to see retold and from whose point of view?" Here are some of the movies people want to see:

    1. First, Toy Story from Andy's perspective:


    "They're watching him. They're looking. Andy isn't alone. Nor was he ever alone. This is the tale of a boy who loses his mind at the thought that he has never been alone for his entire life and that the 'friends' he made growing up may be a little more real than he first thought...a little too real."


    2. Mean Girls from Regina George's perspective:

    Paramount Pictures

    "This could get dark. Her home life was obviously messed up. What was growing up in that household like? Imagine Regina flashbacks!"


    3. The Harry Potter movies from Neville's perspective:

    Warner Bros.

    "He was the child who could have been the Chosen One. I'd love to find out more about his family, learn if his life was as terrible as living with the Dursleys, and see him find friends who actually liked him and treated him well."

    4. 500 Days of Summer from Summer's perspective:

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "It’d be interesting to see how Summer actually felt about Tom and if she ever had feelings beyond them being friends with benefits. Tom really makes himself out to be the victim in that film but I wonder how toxic and overbearing his idea of Summer being 'the one' really was for her."


    5. Bird Box from the perspective of the guy who forced everyone's eyes open:


    "Seriously, I want a story about what this guy actually saw and why he wanted people to see it so bad."


    6. Twilight from Charlie's perspective:

    Summit Entertainment

    "Supernatural creatures are after his daughter, who has fallen under the sway of supernatural influence and therefore cannot be trusted. He collects evidence and tries to prove it to people, all while unearthing a secret society of actual blood-drinking vampires who control the globe."


    7. Passengers from Aurora's perspective:

    Sony Pictures

    "She could wake up, find out another passenger's pod malfunctioned, and spend the first act of the movie working together to try to fix it and then ultimately falling in love. The next act could be her slowly realizing the truth about his actions and deciding how to deal with it. She could either kill him, or he could still sacrifice himself for her as an act of redemption. It would change the movie from a surface-level love story to a suspense story that questions the true nature of humanity when hopelessly isolated."


    8. The Matrix from a random detective's perspective:

    Warner Bros.

    "Imagine a regular police detective just trying to stop the murder spree of these people who kill everybody for no reason."


    9. Shrek from Baby Bear's perspective:


    "At the start of the movie, we see the mom, dad, and child all in a cage. Later, we see the child bear crying into the daddy bear while the mommy bear is missing. Lord Farquaad is then later shown to have a bear mat. I know that the bear mat was 100% the mommy bear."


    10. It's a Wonderful Life from Mary's perspective:

    Liberty Films

    "I'd argue that Mary is the most important character in that movie. She drives most of the action. Who offers their honeymoon money to save the bank? Mary. Who goes around asking neighbors and friends for help when George goes missing? MARY. She's the best."


    11. The Incredibles from Frozone's perspective:


    "Where WAS his super suit?!"


    12. Lion King from Scar's perspective:


    "I kind of feel bad for Scar. He was the weakling of the pride and not in line for anything. Kind of like Prince Harry, except Scar never found his Meghan."


    13. The Princess Bride from Miracle Max and his wife Valerie’s perspectives:

    20th Century Fox

    "They need a bigger role in that movie. I wanted to find out more about how Prince Humperdinck screwed him over, and how now Miracle Max was going to get his revenge."


    14. Weekend at Bernie's from Bernie's perspective:

    20th Century Fox

    "He's not actually dead yet, just in a near-death paralysis. And these assholes just keep dressing him up instead of taking him to a hospital."


    15. King Kong from King Kong's perspective:

    Universal Pictures

    "Bonus points if there are subtitles for his roars."


    16. The Hunger Games from Haymitch's perspective:


    "I think this would be amazing — I find his story a lot more interesting than Katniss’s."


    17. Beauty and the Beast from Gaston's perspective:


    "From another perspective, Gaston was a fallen hero who died trying to save Belle from a monster."


    18. And finally, any action movie from a random townsperson's perspective:


    "Imagine a normal dude just going about his daily routine then BOOM! A random car comes through and causes an explosion and he has to deal with the aftermath."


    Now it's your turn! Which movies or TV shows would you have like to see told from another character's POV? Tell us in the comments for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.

    Note: Entries have been edited for length and clarity.