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23 TV Character Problems That Could Have Been Easily Resolved If They Had Just Used Their Brains And Communicated

"The conflicts in Bridgerton wouldn’t exist if the leads had a two-minute, honest conversation with one another."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which irritating TV conflicts could have been quickly resolved if the characters literally just talked. Here are some of the best examples:

🚨 Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead, including for the new season of "Stranger Things"!!! 🚨

1. First, on Bridgerton, when Daphne and Simon both wasted an entire episode thinking that the other hated them.

the two main characters saying they trapped the other into a marriage

2. On Stranger Things, if the police had literally just asked Eddie what happened instead of assuming that he [SPOILER] killed Chrissy.

a character saying that the police is definitely looking for Eddie

3. On Teen Wolf, if Scott had taken two minutes to listen to Stiles explain what really happened with Donovan.

a character saying, believe me then scott, say you believe me

4. On Normal People, if Connell had simply asked Marianne to stay.

Marianna and Connell staring at each other

5. On Ted Lasso, when Nate left the team because he mistakenly believed that Ted didn't appreciate him.

Nate telling Ted that he abandoned him

6. On Ginny & Georgia, when Max and everyone were totally clueless about Ginny and Marcus' romance all season even though their feelings were SO FREAKIN' OBVIOUS.

Max asking Ginny if they're going to lose their virginity on the same night

7. On Pretty Little Liars, if the girls had reported A to the authorities from the start.

the four main characters outside

8. Also on Pretty Little Liars, when Aria literally insisted her mom go on the trip with Zack and then got mad when she...went on the trip.

Aria's  mom saying that Aria basically packed her bags so she could go with Zach

9. On New Girl, if Jess and Nick had just immediately addressed the awkwardness of her walking in on him naked instead of avoiding each other and making it into a huge deal for an entire episode.

Jess opening the door to a naked and dancing Nick

10. On The White Lotus, if Paula had texted Kai and warned him that Nicole was on her way back to the hotel room.

a character saying they're tired of being a punching bag

11. On Gilmore Girls, when Luke found out he had a secret daughter and just...didn't say anything about it to Lorelai (his fiancée) for months???

Luke saying he found out about his daughter two months ago

12. On The Office, when Jim took the job in Philadelphia despite it obviously not being okay with Pam.

Jim telling pam he needs to hang up if she think he took the job just for himself

13. On The Fosters, if Callie had just gone to her mom for help, like, 99% of the time.

Callie telling someone that they think she's a conspiracy theorist

14. On The O.C., if anyone had just taken two freakin' seconds to actually listen to Ryan's very valid concerns about Oliver.

Seth defending Oliver to Ryan

15. On Friends, if Ross and Rachel had clarified what "taking a break" actually meant.

Ross saying that to him a break is a break up

16. On Gossip Girl, if Chuck had told Blair the truth about what was going on with Jack instead of literally trading her for a HOTEL.

Blair telling chuck she would have done anything for him

17. On Sons of Anarchy, when Gemma killed Tara all because of a misunderstanding.

two of the characters staring at each other before fighting

18. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith immediately iced Lexie out on their first day of work together, ensuring that they started off on the wrong foot.

Meredith tells another character that she's the girl from the bar, not lexie

19. On Beverly Hills, 90210, if Jackie had told Mel about her pregnancy right away instead of telling Kelly, her teenage daughter, first.

the characters sitting on the bed

20. On 90210, when Annie literally spent months being ostracized by all of her friends because Liam refused to tell everyone who he really slept with on prom night.

Liam saying he has to go when Annie says he needs to tell everyone the truth that she didn't sleep with him

21. On Cobra Kai, if Daniel and Johnny ever just had a freaking conversation.

Daniel and Johnny having a stare-off

22. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, when Spike automatically assumed Snake would want nothing to do with the baby, and they nearly called off their wedding over it.

a character saying, it's too bad you're against kids and Snake saying, I never said that

23. And finally, on One Tree Hill, if any of the characters — but ESPECIALLY Lucas — literally just communicated!!!

Lucas telling Brooke that he keeps Peyton's stuff as a reminder of how badly he screwed up with Brooke

Got an example that didn't make this list? Tell us in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.