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Which TV Characters' Problems Would Have Been Solved If They Communicated Even A Little?

Use your words!

Do you ever watch a TV episode with your hands over your eyes, thinking about how the characters could have avoided the ~predicaments~ they're in if they'd literally just had a quick two-second conversation instead of jumping to conclusions?

Like, maybe that time when Ross wrote "She's not Rachem" on his list of pros and cons of dating Rachel on Friends and she literally thought he actually meant "Rachem" and he couldn't explain that it was obviously a typo?

Rachel saying "She's not rachem?"

IDK, just spitballing here but maybe ANY of the moments that a massive brawl breaks out on Cobra Kai over something that could have been literally a two-second convo?

Fight scene on Cobra Kai Season 3

Perhaps, as a recent example, you're thinking of how much easier it would have been if Simon just...explained a bunch of shit about his ~feelings~ to Daphne earlier on in Bridgerton?

Simon telling Daphne in Bridgerton that it is because I regard you so highly that I cannot marry you

Or maybe it's amusing how if David had just talked to Patrick about their relationship, he never would have had to do this ropes course on Schitt's Creek?

David and Patrick hugging on the ropes course on Schitt's Creek

And, of course, there's any old time teens on teen dramas (ahem, Riverdale ahem Pretty Little Liars) attempt to solve murders on their own instead of consulting...the authorities or, like, even one single adult.

Betty Cooper solving a murder at her murder board on Riverdale

So tell us which TV problems honestly could have been resolved with a simple conversation, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!