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What's The Weirdest Disney Moment Ever?

When Jaq and Gus Gus from Cinderella get dirrrrty.

Disney movies are some of the best things ever.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

They make everyone feel so much joy with their endless amount of magic.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

But there are definitely some extremely weird moments that you notice as an adult.


Like when Jaq puts the necklace beads on Gus Gus' tail in Cinderella.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Necklace beads? Look again.

Or when Ursula calls Ariel A TRAMP in The Little Mermaid.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via


Or when Pinocchio, a young boy, gets drunk and smokes cigars in Pinocchio.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

How is this even a children's movie?

Think back to your childhood, and tell us the absolute weirdest, creepiest Disney moment in the comments below!

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Awards and badges will be given to the strangest submissions.

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