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    18 Rom-Com Movie Moments That Are 100% Problematic And 200% Disturbing

    "Have you ever fallen in love with somebody you haven't even talked to?" —While You Were Sleeping

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which older rom-com movie scenes definitely don't hold up to today's standards. Here are the problematic results.

    Note: Some of these submissions include topics of sexual assault.

    1. When Jake Ryan handed his drunk, unconscious girlfriend off to the geek in Sixteen Candles.

    2. When Jessica sent the pre-teen she babysat for nude pictures as a graduation gift in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

    3. When Cher ended up dating Josh, her ex-stepbrother, in Clueless.

    4. When Gloria snuck into Jeremy's room and raped him in Wedding Crashers.

    5. When Noah threatened to kill himself when Allie initially rejected him in The Notebook.

    6. When Edward revealed he snuck into Bella's bedroom every night to watch her sleep in Twilight.

    7. When Julia sexually harassed Dale at work in Horrible Bosses.

    8. Literally everything Gerard Butler's misogynistic character said in The Ugly Truth.

    9. When older Jenna hit on a pre-teen boy at a restaurant in 13 Going on 30.

    10. And when Mickey Rooney, a white actor, played Audrey Hepburn's Asian landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    11. When Bender stuck his head between Clarie's legs without her consent in The Breakfast Club.

    12. When Lucy pretended to be a stranger's fiancé just so she could visit him in his coma in While You Were Sleeping.

    13. When Joanna got amnesia, so Dean abducted her by tricking her and everyone else into thinking they were actually married in Overboard.

    14. When Kat flashed her teacher to get Patrick out of detention in 10 Things I Hate About You and the teacher stared a little too long at her chest.

    15. The entire opening speech in the beginning of Hitch.

    16. When Joe Fox lied to Kathleen Kelly about his real identity in You've Got Mail.

    17. When Tim, an older married man, kissed a teenage Kat in Mystic Pizza.

    18. And when Zack pretended to love Laney just so he'd win a bet against his friends in She's All That.