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What Things From Rom-Coms Would Be Unacceptable In 2019?

Honestly the entire plot of Never Been Kissed is pretty bad.

Classic rom-coms are quite literally the best movies of all TIME.

These oldies have given us love to believe in, and iconic quotes to live by.

But as long as we're being honest, there are definitely some problematic moments we as fans need to acknowledge.

How about in Never Been Kissed when Mr. Coulson, Josie's TEACHER, falls in love with her?!

Or how about in Crazy, Stupid, Love when Jessica gave NUDES to the pre-teen she babysat for as a graduation gift?

Or how about in Sixteen Candles when Jake Ryan bragged about the unsettling things he could do to his drunk, unconscious girlfriend?

Some of these movies definitely don't hold up in 2019, so tell us a rom-com moment YOU think is problematic in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!