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    27 Skincare Products To Help Your Face Feel Silky Smooth

    "She's got nice skin." —Harry Potter about Ginny and all of your friends about you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of acne patches made with hydrocolloid dressing, tea tree oil, calendula oil, and cica to suck the gunk right out of your zits and help them fade away overnight.,

    Promising review: "Last night, I put these on a few acne problems (a small cyst, a whitehead, and a pimple). I just woke up and am writing this review in disbelief. THEY'RE FLAT! Gone! All of them! I could cry I’m so happy. The packaging is ideal because you can easily peel the stickers off without stretching them out or folding them back onto themselves. Do yourself and your complexion a huge favor! Have these on hand for a stubborn zit when you really need help. Make sure you apply them to completely clean and dry skin." —Caitlyn

    Each pack comes with 40 round patches. Get one from Amazon for $8.50.

    2. An Aztec Secret Indian healing mask made with 100% calcium bentonite clay that'll work magic to deep clean your pores and help fight acne and blemishes.,

    This product is cruelty-free and formulated without additives or fragrances. There is a bit of mixing involved — you'll need to add some apple cider vinegar for it to do its best work. But trust us, it's worth it!

    Promising review: "I have dealt with hormonal cystic acne for years. Even after being prescribed medication to help with the acne, I would still get some breakouts around my period and occasionally throughout my cycle. This product changed everything. I use this mask every night in addition to my normal routine. I started out mixing it with water and it worked well enough but then I switched to apple cider vinegar and wow! What a huge difference this product has made for my face. If I do get a pimple here or there this helps to clear it up quickly. In conclusion, this stuff has changed my life and I will buy it until I die." —Elizabeth

    Check out more details about this popular clay mask.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in two sizes).

    3. Glossier's Milk Jelly cleanser to gently wash away daily makeup and grime, leaving your face feeling healthy and soft.


    Promising review: "I have combination skin, which is super sensitive to certain products. I was leery of trying a new cleanser but, figured this one may be gentle enough. Not only is it totally not irritating to my skin, it is significantly improving my skins evenness of tone. I would seriously recommend this to anyone with my kind of skin. It's a life changer." —Heather

    Get it from Glossier for $18 (available in two sizes).

    For more, read why a BuzzFeeder also loves this cleanser.

    4. A pack of 16 Dermal Korea collagen sheet masks for possibly healthier, clearer, and more elastic skin. The scents vary, but they each contain vitamin E and collagen (plus, they're mess-free).


    Promising review: "These masks are amazing!!! Having 'ice pick' scars left over from acne I was told that I'd have to pay for expensive laser therapy because the body can't produce enough collagen to heal deep scars. I've been using these masks for two months and I've seen SIGNIFICANT reduction in my scars. They are almost completely gone!" —Shaun

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    Get them from Amazon for $9.99.

    5. Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial to give your skin a pro-level treatment that'll exfoliate dead skin cells and rev up surface turnover to smooth and brighten.


    Plus, it is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

    Promising review: "I've never written a review on here but this stuff is really magical. I'm on my second bottle and have even begun using on my arms to treat my keratosis pilaris. I've never found anything that this issue would respond to before this stuff. Of course things like moisturizing are very important to treat keratosis pilaris, but this stuff is a holy grail step for me. And I've tried EVERYthing." —mmnash

    Get it from Sephora for $80.

    6. An exfoliating brush to keep the ingrown hairs away. You can also use it on your legs and other areas after shaving to prevent razor bumps.


    Promising review: "This thing is great. As soon as it arrived I rinsed it off and went to work on my winter beard. It's still coming in so I have bumps and it itches like crazy. Within a couple of minutes the itching was gone and a couple of days later the bumps were gone as well. Once the brush pulls your ingrown hairs out and you wash your face really well, you're in business. Using it dry helps every day. Using it in the shower is a little different. I can't use as much pressure when my face is wet, but the exfoliating it does is top notch. I give this the highest marks." —Steve

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97.

    7. Skin1004's Zombie Pack Mask meant to minimize fine lines, remove dead skin cells, deeply hydrate, and clear up acne. After using this, expect nothing but ~smooth~ sailing for your skin.

    Plus, you can totally act out The Walking Dead while you have it on!

    Promising review: "I own a salon and have worked in them for 19 years and never in my life have I used or seen something so amazing. I have read all about the Hanacure facial but it is expensive and always on back order. This is the same thing AND IT WORKS. It doesn't smell bad at all. There is a veryyyy slight smell to it but hardly noticeable and not something I'd complain about. This has natural ingredients and boy does it work. It sucked every thing out of my pores and shrunk them and all of the lines on my face are GONE. YES GONE." —Aja Rieger Cooke

    Get it from Amazon for $24.98.

    8. A jar of Kiehl's lightweight daily moisturizer that'll provide all skin types with 24-hour hydration.


    Promising review: "This moisturizer has amazed me so much!!! I’m on my second jar and I’ve seen so much change in my skin tone. My skin is smoother and it has prevented my occasional breakouts. It’s so amazing. Definitely a life changer." —Kiehl's Customer

    Get it from Kiehl's or Sephora for $30.

    9. Elizavecca's Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask, because not only is it fun to use, but it also has the ability to detoxify your skin, remove blackheads, and exfoliate pores.

    Promising review: "I have used this mask twice and so far I love it. I have acne scars, enlarged pores, and blackheads, and after two uses, I can already notice a difference in the appearance of my skin. My pores look smaller already and the blackheads are clearing. I have used everything on my face and nothing has worked on my pores. I LOVE this mask. It looks so funny!" —jburge

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    10. A pack of Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads made with glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and witch hazel. They're easy, mess-free, and will help breakouts disappear., Amazon

    Promising review: "One pad a day keeps all the bad stuff away. This is one of those aha products that changed everything for me. I couldn't suggest more. As long as I'm using these my skin will be pretty good, even if I'm tired and skip all my other stuff. Pretty much stopped my hormonal acne in it's tracks and my skin feels way more luminous. If they ever discontinue these I will stock pile cases in my garage these are just the best!" —emmaline

    Get it from Amazon for $9.79.

    11. A Tarte face serum with vegan marine plant collagen used to hydrate your skin and make it look firmer.


    I use this serum almost every day and it always make my face feel so fresh. It plumps and brightens my skin and makes it feel totally rejuvenated. I have oily skin and I can usually get away with using this instead of a moisturizer.

    Promising review: "So amazing, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It smells amazing too." —Elizabeth C

    Get it from Tarte for $39.

    12. A Foreo Luna silicone vibrating face cleanser that can almost magically remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, residue, and dead skin cells. It's also waterproof so you can keep it in the shower and use it daily for a lil' pick-me-up.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    Promising review: "I bought this about a month ago after seeing all the hype it got on BuzzFeed. I have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin, and have always been wary of chemical exfoliants-most just tend to irritate my skin and make me break out more. After nearly a month of use, my skin is more radiant, softer/smoother, breaking out less, and even I'm starting to see a reduction in the size of my huge pores (which no product has ever given me before-so yay!) and a better oil balance in my skin." —Knonymously

    Get it from Amazon for $139 (available in seven colors).

    Check out this BuzzFeeder's full review of the cleansing device!

    13. A low pH gel cleanser by Cosrx, because it is formulated with tea tree leaf oil to deep clean pores and bring out your natural glow, without stripping your skin.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "My absolute favorite cleanser. Doesn't dry out my skin, doesn't break me out, helps eliminate breakouts, and very affordable!" —Lyndzee

    Get it from Ulta for $12.

    Read this full review of the Cosrx cleanser.

    14. A cult-favorite vitamin C serum made with a plant-based formula and antioxidants to help brighten and firm skin and leave you feeling like you just got a professional facial., Amazon

    Promising review: "This product saved my skin. I seldom write reviews but just had to review this product. I’ve been struggling with acne for YEARS. I have very acne-prone skin. I get a new pimple almost every day and it seemed like there was never a time I didn’t have a pimple on my face. Acne leaves super dark blemishes/scars on my face. I’ve tried all different types of moisturizers and cleansers. Nothing worked. However I bought this serum on a whim. Omgggg. Guys. Literally my face stopped flaring within 3 days. I was PIMPLE FREE FOR MORE THAN 48 hours (a new record). Blemishes have faded DRASTICALLY and I have no active breakouts. This hasn’t happened in years. I truly and honestly think it is due to this product. If you are hesitant, don’t be BUY IT!" —Brandon

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    Read this full review of the serum for more info.

    15. Glossier's Solution exfoliating skin perfector that gently removes dead skin through chemical exfoliation, giving you a fresh complexion.


    Promising review: "This was a first time try for me. I LOVED IT. I am 30 now and i started getting hormonal acne. I tried everything, creams, different face washes, treatments, etc. This has helped so much. First time use, I noticed a difference. The red bumpy hormonal acne was starting to calm down. I kept using it and it kept making my skin smoother and finally the other treatments were able to work. I really recommend this product for skin renewal and acne. Glossier products are fairly priced and the shipping came on time. HOLY grail product found!" —Helena K.

    Get it from Glossier for $24.

    Read more about why one BuzzFeeder thinks Solution is totally worth your money.

    16. A jade roller and gua sha scraping tool you can use to massage your facial products into your skin and help it feel smooth and refreshed.,

    Promising review: "I loved it. The scraping tool made my skin feel fresh and smooth. I saw a difference in small wrinkles around my mouth and forehead. The skin looked younger with less pores. I have told my friends about it. Great, no pain and easy to use. I will keep using it daily." —sherry mcbeath

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    17. A vitamin C facial cleanser made with organic and natural ingredients that can result in wrinkle reducing and clearing up breakouts., Amazon

    Promising review: "I love this facial cleanser! It’s gentle enough to use daily but still safely removes any buildup/oil. I have combination oily/dry skin and this product works great for me. It smells great and feels soft and supple against my skin." —Sara Woldai

    Get it from Amazon for $19.96.

    18. A pack of sulfate- and paraben-free Apple Cider Vinegar Resurfacing peel pads perfect for an at-home spa night or while traveling. They can assist with dullness and uneven skin texture, while cleaning out those pores.


    Promising review: "YES. These are the peel pads I've been waiting for. The glorious tingle and soft skin from glycolic peels with none of the dryness. Oh and it SMELLS like ACV honey, they did not cover that up with fragrance nonsense. Just pure, face melting AHA goodness. These will be my goto travel peel pads post flights." —wonderhopey

    Get a pack of 3 pads from Sephora for $12 (or 30 pads for $64).

    19. A paraben-free St. Ives facial moisturizer, because it uses safflower oil to help hydrate dry skin and give you that natural glow you deserve.


    Promising review: "I’ve been using this for almost a whole year now. And the tub has lasted me that long! I use it every morning and night on my face. It does such a better job at moisturizing, especially in the winter, than the other more expensive moisturizer I had been using! Plus it lasts forever!" —Lucky girl

    Get it from Amazon for $4.32.

    20. A vegan brightening facial scrub to detoxify, cleanse, and soften your face with sea kelp and French green clay., Amazon

    Promising review: "Acure has now become my go-to brand. I love their values and the safe products they make. This scrub is my new favorite during shower time. The first time I used it I fell in love. You may look like a slightly funky sea monster when you put this on due to natural ingredients but holy cow my skin was so soft and smooth afterward. It was so gentle and the results were outstanding. A little goes a long way so use sparingly and enjoy the results! I also finish my routine with Acure's toner and night moisturizer." —Jessica

    Get it from Amazon for $6.73+ (available in three varieties).

    21. Some emoji mini masks, because they're adorable and totally Instagram worthy — but also you can place them directly on a blemish for a more concentrated treatment.


    Get a pack of six from Francesca's for $7.

    22. A lavender scented hydrating overnight facial oil for toning, brightening, and smoothing your skin as you get your ~beauty~ rest.


    Promising review: "If I could give more than five stars I would. This is my holy grail product! I’ve gone through two (and a half..) bottles and I start to panic when I see one running a little low!!! I use it every single night, the smell is intoxicatingly relaxing, it calms my anxiety-driven little body down and just helps me sleep. Then I wake up in the morning with beautiful, soft, gloooowing skin. I don’t know how I ever lived without this oil! It’s the best of the best and I keep getting more people hooked on it! WORTH E V E R Y CENT!!!" —Nicci Zelda

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99.

    23. A charcoal cleanser that'll remove impurities, moisturize, and rejuvenate your face by using natural ingredients.,

    Promising review: "I have crazy sensitive combination skin. Have suffered from breakouts, now into my thirties. I've been using this stuff for a week now, and my skin's never looked better. I'm always nervous when trying new products...but been on a kick trying activated charcoal products, and stumbled across this brand. It lathers enough, smells really good, and leaves your skin super soft. I'll be buying again!" —Russ

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    24. Tarte's Sugar Rush Best Bud lip butter to hydrate and exfoliate your lips with jojoba oil and shea butter and make them feel amazingly soft. Plus, how cute is this packaging?!


    Promising review: "I bought it because my lips are so dry, I wasn't expecting much because it's hard find a good balm for me. I put on my lips every night like a mask and the next day I can feel them more soft and less wrinkles. It's a must." —Tomas P

    Get it from Tarte for $12.

    25. A set of Schick Silk dermaplaning razors for gently removing peach fuzz and dirt from your face and making it feel smooth as a baby's bottom.

    The blades are designed with built-in guards so they won't cut your skin, plus you'll receive an extra attachment for expert eyebrow shaping.

    Promising review: "Super easy and satisfying to use — you’re literally scraping all of the peach fuzz and dead skin off your face. The the first two photos are the before and after I used this product, and the last photo shows all of the stuff that this product took off my face. My face is glowing and incredibly soft now. Highly recommend." —Jane

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $4.99.

    26. A tube of Weleda Skin Food, which features pansy flower, rosemary leaf, and organic sunflower seed oil, to make your face feel hydrated, smooth, and moisturized like never before. There's a reason this stuff has been a cult fave since 1926!,

    Promising review: "I LOVE this stuff. I use it on my face every single morning. I am now well into my fabulous 50s and this stuff gives me better skin than what I had in my 30s! It's quite thick and will leave a sheen, but that is part of the magic. I have had several estheticians tell me that I have amazing skin, and I credit this product. I have tried all of the fancy, super-pricey skincare lines, but I keep coming back to this because nothing else gets the job done quite as well." —KAB from AK (to CA)

    Get it from Amazon for $11.39.

    27. And a jar of Neutrogena hyaluronic acid face moisturizer gel-cream to give some fragrance- and oil-free moisturization to extra-dry skin as the weather gets harsher.


    Promising review: "This is the most amazing moisturizer I have ever used. I have an oily T-zone, and have always had a hard time with moisturizers feeling greasy on my skin. This one is so light but so effective. A tiny little bit covers your entire face, and it feels like you have nothing on your face at all. You're left with your skin feeling soft and smooth. When I tell people that I'm going to turn 53, they never believe me. They say I look 35. Thank God for this product!" —Charlotte Wooden-Hillis

    Get it from Amazon for $16.44.

    For more deets, read why one editor calls it the "best face moisturizer out there."

    You at home with your new products:


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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