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    Here's Why The Mega-Popular Glossier Solution Is Totally Worth Your Money

    Guess what? It works on *all* skin types! (And while it's often sold out, Solution is back in stock RIGHT NOW)

    Here's a story: PORES SUCK. The end.

    BuzzFeeders get it too, and we're always trying products out in hopes they do wondrous work on our skin. If you follow/use/appreciate skin care at all, chances are you've heard of Glossier's super popular Solution (it's out of stock like... all the time).

    But right now, Solution is fully IN STOCK, so now's the time to figure out if it's right for you!

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    The key is that Solution works its magic on ALL skin types. To make our case, four skincare-obsessed BuzzFeeders talk about their skin types and experiences using the magical potion below:

    Sensitive and dry skin: Even in the midst of Accutane use, Solution, thanks to its ~anti-stress complex~, doesn't cause any inflammation or irritation and it's perfect for absorbing subsequent skincare products!

    Normal/sensitive skin with adult acne: For those looking to amp up the active ingredients in their skincare routines to combat redness and adult acne, Solution is a great weapon for sloughing all those dead skin cells away and speeding up cell renewal.

    Dry skin prone to cystic acne: Solution steps up and reduces pimples and redness overnight when your usual go-tos aren't working.

    Oily and dull-looking skin: Solution helps dissolve dead skin cells trapped in pores and on the surface of your skin (that contribute to dullness and breakouts!) to reveal brighter skin. #datglow

    Convinced? You should be. But Solution doesn't stay in stock long, so take advantage when it's available (aka RIGHT NOW!) Get Solution from Glossier for $24.

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    Hello, brighter and happier skin!

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