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    27 Products I Literally Can't Stop Laughing At

    "Hahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha" —me

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    1. A minimal, straight-to-the-point mug for anyone who finds it important to cite their sources.

    2. A leopard print elephant G-string with a very stretchy trunk to fully accommodate your junk.

    3. A plush ovary that'll have you fallo-peein' yourself with laughter.

    4. And (speaking of ovaries) Cards Against Humanity's bloody hilarious period-themed expansion pack to ~pad~ the fan-favorite raunchy card game with time-of-the-month jokes that'll have you LOLing menstru-all night long.

    5. Jizz the Game, a raunchy roulette-style game that's a total blast (literally). Who knows — you and your friends just might get a-dick-ted.

    6. An OMG-worthy animated animal hat ear to provide endless entertainment.

    7. Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence, a tome full of scientific analysis and exploration of that very important question among tons of different species.

    8. A set of phallic lipsticks that are also waterproof and prettily pigmented, so you'll love 'em even if you're a little bit vein.

    9. A pair of giant adhesive googly eyes so you can bring pretty much anything to life. I can't for the life of me tell you why I find the personified bush below so funny, but I do.

    10. A squirrel in underpants air freshener that smells like pine, because that is much more pleasant than what actual squirrel undergarments would probably smell like.

    11. Punny postcards featuring everyone's favorite Potions Master, because the only thing better than a pun is a Snape pun.

    12. The Cat Dancer, a super-simple wire toy that's the under-$2 way to get your cat to perform the most hilarious antics of their nine lives.

    13. A sloth or llama car decal for anyone who's interested in a wild ride.

    14. An insulated lunch bag that'll basically GUARANTEE no one will want to steal your lunch. If someone does, then you have bigger problems, because someone in your office might be a cannibal.

    15. An instantly downloadable cross stitch template featuring a couple sweary pigeons who are as adorable as they are menacing.

    16. A glorious Jeff Goldblum shower curtain that may make guests want to linger in your water closet so they can stare into those enchanting brown eyes.

    17. Or a Nicholas Cage mermaid pillowcase covered in sequins that, like the Declaration of Independence, hold a hidden secret on the other side.

    18. A Donald Trump pet toy so your furry friend can take out their political rage in a healthy manner and you can watch them, which is much more fun and less upsetting than watching the news.

    19. A Llol-worthy tee to help you take a chance, finally face your Waterloo, kiss the teacher, be the winner who takes it all, find a man after midnight, and llay all your llove on me.

    20. An evil kermit pin your inner self is begging you to buy.

    21. Or an evil Patrick tee if you prefer your memes in shirt form.

    22. An adorable razor holder I mustache that you purchase for your bathroom ASAP.

    23. A whimsical nose pencil sharpener it won't be rude stick pencils in during class.

    24. Sassy socks available in tons of cheeky designs that'll make you smile all day.

    25. A gloriously geeky bottle of "You Smell Nothing, Jon Snow," toilet spray you can use when you feel that a rather odiferous bowel movement, not just winter, is coming.

    26. A pickle-picking-up gadget that I had no idea existed, but I'm brine with the fact that it does.

    27. And an eyemask for anyone who thought about becoming a platinum-selling musician and producer, but then decided to just take a nap instead.

    Live footage of me and also you rn, probably:

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