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    26 Weird AF Kitchen Products You Didn't Know Existed

    In case you ever need to sharpen some carrots.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bottle topper because it'd be crappy to eat a hot dog without any condiments.

    Hey, its even dishwasher safe. Get it on Amazon for $6.99.

    2. A set of urinal shot glasses guaranteed to get you piss drunk.

    Bonus points if you serve Limoncello. Get them on Amazon for $6.99.

    3. Salt and pepper shakers makin' bacon.

    Get them on Amazon for $10.99.

    4. A ~ham dogger~ that transforms any mixture of ground meat, cheese, and veggies your heart desires into, well, a hot dog shape.

    It's basically makes DIY sausage, without the casing. Get it on Amazon for $9.

    5. A bubble-wrap oven mitt to safely package your hand when you have to pull something hot out of the oven.

    Get it on Amazon for $19.

    6. A carrot sharpener, because you always knew you were write to get your daily value of vitamin A.

    Get it on Amazon for $10.90 (three colors).

    7. An egg separator you'll either want to hide when you have guests OR casually pull out *especially* when you're cooking for guests.

    Get it on Amazon for $8.49.

    8. A wine stopper that will clog up your bottles for you, until you're ready to plunge back into it.

    Get it on Amazon for $9.73.

    9. An mug with a lurking arachnid that slowly, patiently emerges as you sip.

    Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

    10. A vertical egg cooker that, erm, ~exudes~ a literal roll of "scrambled" egg.

    Rollie Eggmaster /

    Get it on Amazon for $28.75.

    11. A little daisy-fan that props up your pot lids and spins with the steam.

    Okay, this one's kinda cute. Still weird. But cute. Get it on Amazon for $16.

    12. Some cockroach-print plastic bags to freak out your coworkers and deter any lunch thieves.

    Get them on Amazon for $9.04.

    13. An egg-cuber that's like a personal trainer for hardboiled eggs — it gets them all in shape. Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

    14. This pickle picker made especially for anyone who doesn't want to even THINK about touch more pickles than they'll eat.

    Get it on Amazon for $7.99.

    15. A boa-constrictor-shaped wine decanter that would fit right in at the Malfoy's manor but literally nowhere else.

    Get it on Amazon for $446.25.

    16. A hotdog spiral-slicer for anyone who likes their hot dogs to look like Shirley Temple's hair.,

    Apparently it actually makes them extra caramelized, according to reviewers. Get it on Amazon for $5.05 (comes with two slicers: one regular-size and one foot-long-size).

    17. And this hotdog bun-driller designed to make a hole in hot dog buns, instead of slicing them.

    UnaCreationHotdogger / Etsy

    Theoretically so the condiments don't leak out. Get it on Amazon for $9.99 or Etsy for $9.99.

    18. This extraterrestrial probe that somehow also juices lemons.

    Get it on Amazon for $61.40.

    19. And a citrus-peeler shaped like an ~apostrophe~ that won't make a ~catastrophe~ out of eating an orange.

    Get it on Amazon for $20.76.

    20. A cheese shredder grate for Tuesday Taco night.

    Get it on Amazon for $8.25.

    21. A monstrous colander that just might abscond with every last bite of your precious pasta.

    Get it on Amazon for $16.90.

    22. A truly brutal toothpick holder.

    Get it on Amazon for $15.95.

    23. A literal butter dispenser — it slices individual pats of butter when you press it.

    Filing this one under the "weird but potentially useful" category. Get it on Amazon for $13.51.

    24. A plastic saw to hack away at cakes and lettuces to your heart's content.

    Maybe it at least makes cutting the cake faster? Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

    25. A banana injector to take you on a flavorful adventure with every bite.

    Get it on Amazon for $23.49.

    26. And a bronze duck carcass press to extract every drop of juice from a duck's dead, cooked body to apparently use in the sauce.

    Get one for your duck on Amazon for $3,430.76.

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