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    Every Piece Of Clothing In This Post Is Under $50, So You're Welcome

    There's room in your budget for all these finds, so I'm sure you can also make room in your closet.

    1. An oversized cardigan sure to become your new close-knit BFF.

    2. A fun tunic that may force you to colorblock off some time in your schedule for compliments when you wear it — people are gonna be stopping you wherever you go.

    3. An elegant lace fit-and-flare dress everyone's gonna fall in love with (over 2,000 reviewers already have).

    4. A classic moto jacket that looks pretty much just as perfect as one you could get for quadruple the price.

    5. A ruffly cropped jumpsuit everyone will think is by some fancy-schmancy designer.

    6. An quirky printed skirt that's unlike anything anyone else will have.

    7. A posh leopard print coat you can throw on over pretty much anything and suddenly look like you belong strutting down the streets of Milan.

    8. An awesomely autumnal utility jacket that perfectly combines fashion and function.

    9. Hella soft printed leggings you may never want to take off — just ask the over 3,000 people who've left positive reviews.

    10. A striped T-shirt dress with POCKETS that's perfect for anyone who wishes they could wear something as comfy as their PJs all the time but also wants to look cute.

    11. A cheerful rainbow sweater for showing off your true colors.

    12. A striped and colorblocked tee that's giving me major '90s vibes. If you develop a sudden urge to watch Hey Arnold or eat Lunchables while wearing this, don't be shocked.

    13. A breezy leopard dress so you can beat out all the style competition fair and square — you're no cheetah.

    14. A luxurious-as-hell velvet cami to make any outfit a little more interesting. A basic tank? I don't know her.

    15. A button-front floral maxi that'll be great with heels or booties now or tall boots and a faux-leather jacket when it gets chilly.

    16. A rainbow button cardi to tell the world you're ready to get down to ROY G. BIVness.

    17. A autumnal-as-heck plaid vest that's making me crave a pumpkin spice latte.

    18. A sweet slipdress your faux-leather jacket can't wait to meet.

    19. A "Love" printed jean jacket from Ellen DeGeneres's line for Walmart that's so adorable and unique, even Dory wouldn't forget it.

    20. A fair isle sweater to make you look like you're ready to hit the slopes, even if trying to balance yourself on a couple pieces of plastic really isn't your jam.

    21. A polka dot T-shirt dress with pockets that you may never want to take off, especially since it'll even be cute with tights and booties come winter. You live in this dress now.

    22. A fun printed bomber jacket that truly is the bomb dot com.

    23. Sleek belted faux-leather pants sure to make even a basic tee look badass.

    24. A crochet and mesh-trimmed bow blouse that can be dressed up or down to show off your sheer style brilliance.

    25. A tie-front, waffle-knit top so cute and cozy, you'll love it just as much as actual waffles. Okay, almost.

    26. A velvety kimono-style topper that your fave jeans are just dying to take on a pumpkin patch date.

    27. Perfectly distressed overalls for those days when you barely want to have to think about what to wear and just wanna pull one thing on and instantly look chic (so, every day).

    28. A soft mini skirt you should basically consider fashion cordu-royalty — it rules for both a party or a weekend day out with friends.

    29. A super fuzzy fleece hoodie that should have its picture next to the word "cozy" in the dictionary.

    30. An absolutely stunning statement shirtdress so cool, you can just stop your fall fashion shopping right now. This is the only thing you need, nothing will ever top this, all other pieces of clothing can just go home.

    31. A cute message tee for anyone who's all about the autumnal aesthetic.

    32. A striped top that screams "Parisian chic" and will still leave you with plenty of funds left to book your flight to France.

    33. A floral wrap top just begging to be paired with your favorite jeans.

    34. A work-ready plaid jumpsuit that the whole office will wanna ~check~ out.

    35. A colorful Marauder's Map-print cardigan so your OOTD will be just as managed as your mischief.

    36. A comfy cotton sweatshirt with an animal friend appliqué that's absolutely zootiful.

    37. A choker-neck velvet bodysuit to add a little texture to your life.

    38. A snake-print miniskirt sure to go down in hiss-tory as one of your best going-out looks.

    39. A trusty flannel shirt in a fresh pink and orange color palette, because I'm a big believer in rocking summer colors year round.

    40. A cuddly cropped sweater you'll wear from now till spring.

    41. A tie-front top with fun printed sleeves you should ~knot~ hesitate to pair with pretty much every solid-colored skirt and pair of pants you own.

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