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Dec 8, 2015

24 Times Ruby Rose And Phoebe Dahl Defined Relationship Goals In 2015

Couple of the year.

1. When they looked so hot together at the MTV EMA's you thought you might as well be dead.

2. And when they had what looks to be the single best date any two people have ever had.

3. And when this was just their casual, laid-back, strolling-around-Milan look.

4. When they posted this precious picture of them cuddling in bed.

5. When they posted this "Bonnie and Clyde" airplane selfie.

6. When they had just, you know, a fun night out with Drake and Hailey Baldwin.

7. When they goofed around wearing lobster bibs at dinner.

8. When they posed like "lesbian ABBA."

9. When they looked this adorable climbing a tree together.

10. When Ruby posted this cute (if corny) video of herself...

11. ... and Phoebe texted Ruby a video of herself making fun of her fiancée.

12. When they made this t-shirts and gym shorts look work SO. WELL.

13. When they went out on Halloween looking like THIS.

14. When they posted a video of themselves adorably dancing and singing "Cheerleader" to each other.

View this video on YouTube

15. When Phoebe helped Ruby get ready for a night out in Vegas.

16. And they proved they had their getting-ready routine down to a science.

17. When they posted this pic in coordinating caps on a rare day off.

18. When they did things for each other, like when Ruby surprised Phoebe while she was working at her friend's restaurant.

19. And when Ruby modeled for Phoebe's clothing company, Faircloth Supply.

20. This cake Phoebe gave to Ruby on her birthday.

21. And when Phoebe surprised Ruby in person, too.

22. This message Phoebe posted while Ruby was traveling.

23. When they went hiking and you were like, Should I be doing more hiking? Why don't I look like this when I'm hiking?

24. And each and every time they posted pictures of each other (and their cute puppies) as each other's #wcw.