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    24 Genius Products If You Absolutely Hate Working From Home

    If your upstairs neighbor has discovered tap dance, we've got a few suggestions.

    1. A standing desk about to become your favourite investment and new best friend. It's adjustable, portable, prevents you from sitting for 8+ hours a day, and is great if you're working on a childhood desk that is *way* too low for comfort.

    Model using a laptop on an adjustable standing desk

    2. A double-sided electronics brush because that Dorito crumb has been lodged under the space key for *scratches head* quite a long time. This will keep your pricy laptop squeaky clean and prevent costly fixes in the future.

    3. A wooden block calendar if you, like me, have not known the date since last March. This aesthetically charming organizer means you'll actually have an office supply slot *and* won't constantly be glancing at your iPhone to determine if it's Monday or Friday.

    The wooden desk calendar

    4. A USB-powered cooling pad if your laptop overheats so often, your upper thighs feel permanently hot. This genius gadget is equipped with three fans and is so lightweight, you'll feel like it's not even there.

    5. A balance ball chair to (surprise) improve your balance, engage your core, and prevent you from slouching over your laptop. This feels lovely on your tush but also prevents back pain — if this balance ball chair were an exam, it'd receive a perfect grade of A+.

    A person sitting on the balance ball chair

    6. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones, so you won't be distracted by a loud-talking roommate or a noisy neighbour when you're just trying to get that presentation done. And you'll get up to 40 hours of playback on a single charge!

    A person wearing the over-ear headphones

    7. A small space heater that'll fit right on your desk, so you won't have to shiver under three sweaters and a pile of blankets.

    A reviewer photo of the space heater on the desk and the reviewer giving a thumbs up

    8. A reversible waterproof desk mat that cackles in the face of coffee rings. Plus, don't have a space large enough to accommodate a fancy WFH set-up? Same. Slap this bebe on your living room coffee table to at least give the *feeling* of typing away at a genuine office desk.

    9. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses, because the last thing you need is a headache after staring at your screen all day. These will filter out the blue light from your devices, preventing eye strain and nasty head tension.

    A person wearing blue-light blocking glasses

    10. A Wi-Fi extender because your bedroom is inexplicably an internet dead zone and holding your laptop up in the air [cue every scary movie scene in which someone's car breaks down and they're stranded in the middle of nowhere] won't cut it. This strengthens Wi-Fi connection throughout your entire home to ensure you don't freeze mid-Zoom call.

    11. A chunky knit cardigan perfect for adding warmth to any WFH 'fit. This basic layer has batwing sleeves, pockets, and comes in a few colours (including lots of neutral hues that won't ever clash).

    12. A soundproofing strip because that upstairs neighbor is practicing tap dance routines, your roommate has been blasting the same '90s Spotify playlist since 7 a.m., and I can really go on but don't want to. Buy the damn soundproofing strip. You're welcome.

    13. A colour-changing LED string for extra lighting if your room is best described as dungeon vampire chic. This has six levels of brightness ranging from warm to light, takes minutes to install, is 50 feet long, and adds a bit of oomph to any WFH corner.

    14. A Philips alarm clock that mimics natural light and gradually brightens over 30 minutes, meaning you'll feel as if you're waking up *with* the sunrise as opposed to a jarring iPhone sound.

    the light

    15. A scrunchy Apple Watch band that won't feel constricting on your wrist so you'll be able to type 97 words per seconds without feeling any accessories digging into your skin.

    The apple watch connected to a scrunchie-like band

    16. A handy-dandy sloth planner pad to map out the day. Staying on top of your assignments is so much easier when you jot it all down, plus the satisfaction you'll get whenever you cross out an accomplished task? Bliss.

    BuzzFeed Editor Emma McAnaw holding sloth checklist

    17. A cable management box to hide unsightly wires that cause heartache by just looking at them. The tangles! The never-ending tangles! They're more than I can personally handle, so I will be hiding them with this box: It's the more efficient tech equivalent of "the chair."*

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    18. A sunlamp because *breathes in the same air that's been trapped in my bedroom since March* nature. This mimics sunlight to boost your mood, improve focus, and help your body create a more consistent sleep schedule. (Psst, this is especially great for night owls who prefer working late!)

    The rectangle-shaped light sitting on the counter with a pour-over coffee next to it

    19. A Dash rapid cooker to take the ~hard~ work out of egg-based dishes *or* some Julie's Real cinnamon vanilla bean almond butter that can quickly be added to a fruit bowl or toast. Starting your day with a real meal = giving yourself structure that WFH life often lacks.

    egg cooker with red base and clear glass cover

    20. A faux marble granite adhesive for an easy way to spruce up your work space. This quick DIY project is waterproof, stain-resistant, and *much* cheaper than purchasing a new one altogether.

    white desk with white marble adhesive

    21. A desktop shelf unit so you can keep your WFH necessities within arm's reach. If your bedroom doubles as a home office, this storage solution is just what you need — and it's pretty darn aesthetically pleasing, to boot.

    The wooden desktop organizer

    22. Reusable cable ties that will let you put all "this charging cord is tangled beyond help" situations to rest. These simple velcro hooks are an easy (but genius) solution that keep everything from chargers to USB cables in check. Your tangle-induced heartaches = gone.

    A before and after photo showing tangled cords that are then organized and fastened neatly

    23. A Mr. Coffee mug warmer because sipping coffee at home is much more leisurely than the "pour, chug, refill" system I follow at the office. This is perfect for slow drinkers who prefer their caffeine hot, hot, and hot — even if they poured it hours ago.

    A ceramic mug warming on the mug warming device

    24. An ergonomic foot rest that gives you no choice but to improve your posture. Not only will this prevent you from slouching over your laptop, but it also helps alleviates the back and foot pain you'd experience as a result of said slouching. Say it with me: a win-win scenario.

    The foot support helps with lumbar support and posture correction

    You, when you finally learn to love the WFH life:

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