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    31 Products From Indigo That Made Me Think, “That’s Really Freaking Awesome”

    I want 'em all.

    1. A trio of bottle top herb planters that'll help you turn your empty wine bottles into herb propagation stations. Just pack each spike with soil and seeds, pop 'em into water-filled vino bottles, and let them work their magic.

    A person holding three herb planters

    2. A handy can holder that'll stick right to the wall of your shower or bathtub, so you can sip while you get sudsy. It can fit everything from a mug to a wine glass, and it can suction onto tile, glass, and mirrored surfaces.

    A beer can in the shower beer holder

    3. A happy face-covered Baggu tote that'll add a dose of positivity to your day. You can fold up into a tiny square for easy storage when you're not rocking it on your shoulder.

    The tote laid out on a tablecloth

    4. A pair of weighted Bala bands that'll make any workout a little tougher. Because they can be strapped to your wrists or ankles, you won’t have to cling to them with sweaty palms (like you would with regular free weights).

    A person wearing a band and holding their hand in front of a flower bush

    5. A pair of silicone mats to replace your rolls and rolls of parchment paper. They’ll keep food from sticking to your pans (without the help of cooking spray) and are super easy to clean.

    A person using the baking sheet on a baking tray

    6. A fancy-shmancy fabric shaver that'll remove lint and pilled fabric that's accumulated on your carpet, furniture, clothes, and everything in between. It's about the size of a tennis ball, so it won't take up a ton of cupboard space.

    A person using the shaver on a blanket

    7. A La Croix cross stitch kit that you can work on while you sip your favourite bubbly beverage. It comes with everything you'll need to create a mini work of art, and you won't need to be a seasoned pro to get the job done.

    The cross stitch in front of cans of La Croix

    8. A bottle of classic Poo-Pourri spray to save you from any awkward bathroom encounters and keep everything smelling fresh. It traps unpleasant toilet odours and is more effective than using an entire bottle of air freshener.

    A person holding a bottle of the spray

    9. A minimalist laptop stand that'll keep you from slouching over your screen while you work. It folds up, so you can take it with you on all your adventures.

    10. This pack of funky wall decals that'll give you the freedom to create your own design. They're a lot easy to apply than traditional wallpaper and you can simply unstick them when you move to a new place (so your landlord won't hate you).

    11. A pack of concentrated fresh linen detergent strips that'll clean your clothes without releasing any nasty chemicals into the water. They don't require any measuring, so you can do your laundry on autopilot.

    12. A Pixie Mood jewelry case that'll keep your baubles from getting tangled in your bag. It has hooks for your bracelets and necklaces, snaps closures for rings, and a perforated strip that you can punch your earrings through.

    13. A pack of Lapcos foot masks that are infused with charcoal and menthol to soothe and detoxify your tootsies. If your soles could use a little pampering post exfoliation, these will do the trick.

    14. A felt doorknob pocket that'll keep all your essential items organized, so you'll never leave the house without them. You can also use it to store your mail, if there's nowhere to stuff those important envelopes in your desk.

    The doorknob pocket filled with keys, a wallet, phone, and glasses

    15. A Therabody percussive massage gun that's basically the Cadillac of its kind. It has three speeds that'll help knead out knots and melt away tension like nobody's business.

    A person using the massage gun on their thigh

    16. A stain-removing stick that every messy person probably needs in their life. Using it is simple: Swipe the solution onto any stain, run your garment under water, and let it do its thing. It'll work on everything, from coffee to tomato sauce.

    A person holding the stain stick

    17. A tube of strawberry lip balm that'll save your lips from feeling like sandpaper this winter. It's formulated with beeswax, so it's thicker and more long lasting than most jelly formulas.

    A person holding the tube of lip balm

    18. A gooseneck kettle that'll inspire you to make your coffee every morning, instead of paying a barista to do it for you. You can set the temperature to your liking, so you won't be stuck waiting for your scalding hot cuppa Joe to chill.

    The kettle on a stack of books

    19. A trio of plant trivets that'll protect your furniture from scratches and water leaks. They have swivel tabs, so you can easily reorient heavier pots (y'know when your plants could use a little sun on their darker sides).

    A plant pot on a trivet and two trivets on a table

    20. A set of pastel gel pens that'll make any notes you take look like actual art. They're retractable, so you won't have to worry about any lids going MIA.

    The eight gel pens and colour swatches

    21. An Endy weighted blanket that'll help you sleep like a baby (and keep you warm, too). I have one of these and it's helped with my insomnia and anxiety, making it totally worth the investment.

    An Endy blanket folded up on a bed

    22. A Buddha Board, so you can find your zen through art. It's basically an adult Etch A Sketch — you can create masterpieces with the included brush in water and your doodles will disappear as the water evaporates.

    A person painting a flower on their Buddha Board

    23. This lilac dog harness that'll make your pet the prettiest pooch in the park. It's cushioned and is fully adjustable, so your pet will be comfortable wearing it on even the longest of walks.

    A dog wearing the harness

    24. A cushy yoga mat that's super grippy, so you won't slide around when transitioning from a plank to a downward dog. It's designed to stop sweat from pooling up, meaning you won't be stuck working out in a puddle.

    25. A bulb-shaped water bottle with a natural charcoal filter to ensure you're getting the freshest, cleanest water in every sip. It has an ergonomic design, making it easy and comfortable to grip from every angle.

    A person holding the bottle against their jeans

    26. An essential oil diffuser that'll mask any unwanted scents in your apartment and look good doing it. It's a non-toxic alternative to candles and will pretty up any plain shelf.

    27. An herb chopper and stripper that'll make prepping your rosemary and thyme so much easier. It comes with a tiny bamboo cutting board, so you won't need to dirty your massive chopping block just to hack a few leaves off your bundle of parsley.

    The herb chopper being used to dice up herbs

    28. A smartphone-controlled Ember mug that'll help keep your drink warm with the help of a free app. Now you won't be stuck sipping on tepid tea or coffee halfway through the day.

    A person holding the Ember cup in their lap

    29. A fancy MVMT watch, so you'll never be late for anything again. The strap is interchangeable, so you can switch up the band when you want a new look.

    A person wearing the watch on their wrist

    30. A pack of beeswax wraps that'll eliminate your need for cling film once and for all. They're compostable, reusable, and a lot more eco-friendly than classic plastic wrap.

    Three beeswax wax folded over veggies

    31. And finally, a retro-inspired Fujifilm camera to print out classic square pics that you'll want to cover your entire apartment with. There's a tiny mirror right next to the lens, so you'll be able to nail your selfie on the first try.

    The camera next to two pictures

    You to everything on this list:

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