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53 Photos That Prove How Catastrophic The Australian Floods Are Right Now

When the mice, snakes, and frogs are taking refuge together, you know it's bad.

In the last two years alone, Australia has suffered through devastating drought, the worst fire season on record, wild winds, and unprecedented rain fall — and now, catastrophic and record-breaking floods across both Queensland and New South Wales.

In Lismore we have done floods for ever. This is not a flood - this is catastrophic. This is extreme. This is climate change. Lismore needs back up. People are on and in their roof some are screaming for their lives and water is still rising. Friends are rescuing friends.

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At the time of publishing, eight have been reported dead in Queensland, and hundreds are still awaiting rescue across the Lismore CBD, in northern NSW.

What began as a "rain bomb" in south-east Queensland over the weekend has quickly turned into a national tragedy, with heavy rainfall and flash flooding predicted to continue for days to come across NSW.

Here, we've collated some of the most devastating, strange, and touching photos from the floods: 


If you don’t know about Lismore Maccas height. This is unfathomable, what on earth

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To the left and to the right. We are flooded. Trapped. Lives are being lost, towns drowned, businesses lost, houses destroyed. No way in, no way out, grocery stores are empty. Rivers peaking at nearly 23 metres. #Brisbane #qldfloods #queenslandfloods

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Australia needed action on the #ClimateCrisis 10 years ago. This video was taken by my Mum at 10am. This is her balcony. She is likely going to lose everything she owns. The SES can't rescue her because there's people stranded on roofs. Two once in 100 yrs floods in 5 YEARS.

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SES can’t send teams right now, friend says, because snowed under with calls for help or can’t get to the area. Meghan is on her dining room table. Another friend is safe but her power wheelchair is underwater. This is terrifying. #queenslandfloods

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If you want to know how serious it has been here in Lismore - this is what people are doing. They are literally CUTTING themselves out of their homes to survive. I’ve heard so many stories of ppl clinging to window sills. How many fatalities? #auspol #lismorefloods #nswpol

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Hope I'm not hungry anytime soon. Flooded in all directions. No power. 2022... 🤦🏻‍♀️ #queenslandfloods #qldfloods #flood

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LISMORE FLOODS : To illustrate how bad this is, this is the Ballina Street Bridge in normal circumstances, and this is the Ballina Street Bridge today, with rescue boats.

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I’m in the process of moving my original artwork and studio upstairs! The river is making its way up towards the house! Please stay safe everyone! #qldflood #queenslandfloods

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Main Street of lismore before and after. 📷- K Graham and D Eaton #Lismore #LismoreFloods #floods

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I've seen climate change in action throughout my career. It's here now and we can't allow more of the same inaction on climate for another three years. Hurricane Florence 2018 Lismore floods 2022

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This morning there was no way in our out of Mudgeeraba. #queenslandfloods

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Just heartbreaking for Lismore, NSW! They are facing the worst floods in history. 💔

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Brisbane has had not seen floods like these in last 50 years. Beautiful city under water with 8 dead, 15000 homes flooded and 40 people missing. #Brisbane #Lismore

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Once again this government lets down the people of #lismore the #SES is working around the clock and the situation is heartbreaking 💔 #lismoreflood #NSWFloods #NSW #auspol

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Some photos from around my area in Brisbane. Stay safe and dry fellow Queenslanders. Call SES if you need help. #qldfloods #flood #queenslandfloods

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Meanwhile in other news, Lismore in Australia was flooded and Fijian residents in the area helped the SES team evacuate residents from and aged care home in Lismore, including animals. #heartwarmingmoments the great things we can achieve when there is more love ❤ than hate.

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My work is flooded, my child's school is under, but I'm one of the lucky ones - my home is safe. This is the top floor of Lismore's shopping centre 14 hours BEFORE flood peak. #flooding #NorthernRivers #Lismore

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The intersection at Newmarket Road & Kedron Brook Road at 9am this morning. Over 200mm of rain since then. #queenslandfloods #brisbanefloods

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This road is usually packed with cars, going about there day, today it’s a launch point for rescues. Bruxner Hwy Lismore, NSW #lismorefloods #lismore #floods

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The cathedral in Lismore just south of us…and I thought our leaks were bad in the Brisbane cathedral!

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These before and after shots by the SMH of the flooding in #Lismore give you a better sense of the devastation in the town #nswfloods

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Leichhardt Queensland. A few 100m from our home. #ipswichfloods #queenslandfloods

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One of my mates sent out his drone this is Lismore at 6pm. 📷-G Regueira #lismore #lismoreflood #floods

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LISMORE FLOOD : Received this message from a close family member which reads "I got this photo sent my house. It was taken just after we left so id say add more to i'd say its to the roof"

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Residents are stranded on their roofs this morning as the flood crisis batters Lismore, bringing the northern New South Wales city in Australia underwater.

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The footage of the town of #Lismore under floodwaters and of people comforting one another after being rescued is absolutely heartbreaking. 😥 #NSWFloods

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It hasn't peaked yet and the water is still rising #lismore #southlismore

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Lismore floods are massive - I’ve never seen flood waters this high there - this is a photo of my childhood house… (Image: photo of flood water where a pale green roof is visible, you can’t see the front door at all 😳)

Twitter: @LissBEE_CPSP


Sitting on the kitchen table with my dog watching the water rising waiting for rescue. #Lismore

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Locals are reporting hearing people screaming for help from inside homes in #Lismore. Residents across the town are taking to kayaks and boats to rescue as many people and animals as possible. Wilsons River now expected to reach 14.4m this afternoon. @nbnnews @9NewsSyd @Ninecomau

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I keep seeing the footage of this poor young woman and her puppy. It break my heart. I truly hope she and her pup are ok! #LismoreFloods #lismore

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@hughriminton @RNBreakfast Brisbane is bad enough! I’d hate to see Lismore. A friends photos from Brisbane - woke up to this and didn’t move fast enough. 👇🏻 Since evacuated by boat by QLD Rescue. My family a few streets away able to make an escape themselves.

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A woman and toddler sitting on the roof of their South Lismore home waiting to be rescued. @9NewsSyd @TheTodayShow @nbnnews

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#lismore under flood It is a summer time and floods in same time 🤪

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Huge flood in Brisbane, Australia. My neighborhood is fine but here’s a pic of my friends neighborhood :(

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Supposedly it's meant to get higher #lismore #southlismore

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People trapped on a bridge at Woodburn, south of Lismore #nswflood

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Not far from where I live in Lismore. Thankfully we're up on a hill. Truly seriously intense. Just heard of someone trapped on roof of house in south Lismore and house was collapsing. Power is out. Friends evacuated in middle of the night and dropped their cats off to me.

Twitter: @LisaHBristow


My home town of #Lismore is flooded and don't get me started with the lack of support for rescue efforts!! These 3 photos are from my parents from Saturday to today, on what is pretty high ground! #floods

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The canal out the front in Ballina and my sisters in laws in Lismore

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Team work. It happened yesterday in Lismore. Sixty-four elderly moved in three hours from flood damaged elderly home. #Lismore #LismoreFloods #teamwork #flood #becareful #needtothinkaheadmore #safe

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Our hearts are with all those affected by the floods in QLD and NSW. Climate change is making flooding, bushfires and storms more severe and unpredictable. We must act now to cut Australia's climate pollution to protect people and wildlife. 📸 John Gass Photography / Newspix

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For those in Australia affected by the floods, please stay safe. This is my town this morning and we usually don't ever see anything like this. If it's flooded, forget it. Make sure to look after yourselves and get to higher ground

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Rain bomb’ hit Australia A severe storm system has pummelled Australia’s northeastern city of #Brisbane, causing evacuations, power outages, and school closures as the death toll climbed to seven from accompanying flash floods. #Australia #floods #flooding #Flood #brisbanefloods

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We are nearing the end of one of the most challenging days in #Lismore's history. I have received calls from journalists across Australia wanting to know in every detail the heroism we've seen. I am so proud of you Lismore. #2022LismoreFloods #floods #flooding #photojournalism

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Almost 800mm of rain in 24 hours for parts of NSW. Unprecedented floods. Australia is in the front line of climate change but is still providing ammunition to destroy itself.

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Please pray with me for Australia's flood, it's terrible 🙏🏻

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53. And finally:

Bonus flood spam. Mice and frog using a snake as a raft. #Australia #Brisbane

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There are still evacuation orders and warnings in place for locations across NSW — for updates and evacuation centers, please click here. For emergency help in floods and storms, call the NSW State Emergency Service on 132 500. In life threatening situations call triple zero (000) immediately.