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Aquabumps Just Released A 'Sydney Drought Series', In Case You Forgot How Bad This Summer Really Was

"We forget that only a couple of months ago, we were in serious drought with bushfires ablaze."

If you live in Sydney's East, you'll be all-too-familiar with the iconic work of Bondi-based gallery, Aquabumps.

Tan's lush, vibrant and water-drenched scenery has made Aquabumps one of the most in-demand coastal galleries in Australia.

But during February this year, in the peak of Sydney's record-breaking drought, Tan took his lens skyward in order to capture a series of sobering aerial photographs that prove just how dry this summer really got.⁠

Wingecarribe Dam / Cataract Dam. Image: Aquabumps

The initiative was part of a collaboration with Sydney Water showing a bird’s eye view of Greater Sydney’s worst drought of all time.

The Sydney Drought Series was captured shortly before the record rainfall, which saw the city’s dam levels increase by more than 40% — and the photos serve as a stark reminder of how important it is to conserve water.

Clovelly. Image: Aquabumps.

"We live in the driest inhabited country on earth and saving water needs to happen," says Tan. "Not just when we’re in drought — but as a way of life!

"We forget that only a couple of months ago, we were in serious drought with bushfires ablaze," says Tan.

Prince Alfred Public Pool, Surry Hills. Image: Aquabumps.

"[This photo series] was a reality check for me personally — to see just how dry Sydney was. My intention was to show my water-loving readership to continue to take care of our water resource."

The photos capture scenes from all over Sydney and prove that this summers drought hit closer to home than city-dwellers may have even realised.

Heffron Synthetic Soccer Field, Maroubra / Eastern Creek Raceway. Image: Aquabumps.

"I flew four hours in a helicopter all-around greater Sydney — from the Illawarra to Bondi, to Warragamba Dam," says Tan.

Following the absolutely drenching we got in February, much of Greater Sydney is now classed as non-drought. But it's vital we maintain water-wise habits — especially given that, on average, dam levels decrease by 0.4% weekly.

Heffron Park, Maroubra. Image: Aquabumps.

Find out what you can do to save more water here.

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