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    The Writers Strike Is Over, So Here's What's Happening To Your Favorite Shows

    "Yes!!!! It’s been a tough five months (!) but we finally have a deal!!!"

    The 2023 writers strike has ended. The Writers Guild of American announced they reached a "tentative agreement" with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) on Sept. 26. So here's everything you need to know about what happens next, including when your favorite shows are returning:

    Pins that say "I Stand with the WGA"

    So the strike is actually over, for good?

    People protesting and holding a banner that says "Writers Guild On Strike"

    So, the strike is over?

    Celebs protesting

    So, this is good news for Drew Barrymore?

    Closeup of Drew Barrymore

    How about other daytime talk shows, like Jennifer Hudson's and Kelly Clarkson's?

    Closeup of Kelly Clarkson

    Same thing with the late-night shows?

    Closeup of Jimmy Fallon

    What about James Corden?

    Closeup of James Corden

    I forgot about that, thank you. Now what about the scripted shows, aka when the heck is Abbott Elementary coming back?

    Quinta Brunson standing in a classroom in a scene from "Abbott Elementary"

    Wait, so there still is a strike? You just said the strike is over. To invoke Oprah, "So what is the truth?"

    People protesting

    How about Saturday Night Live?

    Screenshot from "SNL"

    So what did the WGA win in their new agreement?

    People protesting at Paramount Pictures

    @adamconover/Twitter / Via Twitter: @adamconover

    What are celebs saying?

    Closeup of Robin Thede

    What about actors still on strike?

    Mark Ruffalo raising his fist

    You can read the highlights of the WGA's agreement with the AMPTP here.