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Here Are The Shows That Will Be Affected By The Writers Strike

"Everything changed with streaming."

If you've heard reports of a writers strike and you're a tad out the loop, you're in the right place. Here are some common questions about what on earth is happening, answered.

What on earth is happening?

A group of picket signs that say Writers Guild of America on Strike!

Who are the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers?

A supporter of the Writers Guild of America holding a picket sign in front of a production building with a Netflix sign

Why are they striking?

A WGA supporter with picket signs that say Protect Residuals and Live from NY...Writers Guild on Strike

Why now?

A WGA supporter holds a sign that says, "AI has no soul"

What shows will be affected?

Pete Davidson on SNL's Weekend Update with Colin Jost

Out of interest, are any celebs in favor of the strikes?

Hasn't there been a writers strike before?

Wanda Sykes joins the WGA picket line

How can I support the WGA?

WGA supporters picket in front of the Paramount Pictures lot

You can read more about the WGA demands here.