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13 Emmy Facts That Will Surprise, Enrage, And Blow Your Mind

The gigantic cost of running an Emmy campaign, the biggest losers and more!

1. No "Mad Men" Star Has Ever Won For Acting On The Show

2. Emmy Campaigns Can Cost Half A Million Dollars

3. "Seinfeld" Only Won Best Comedy Once, As "Frasier" Beat It Five Times

The beloved "Show About Nothing" won the top prize for comedy at the 1993 Emmys.... and then was promptly pipped for the rest of its run by the Cheers spinoff starring Kelsey Grammer. Frasier won a record five Outstanding Comedy Series in a row, and a record 37 Emmys total. That includes four Best Actor statues for Grammer and co-star David Hyde Pierce — which helped prevent Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander from ever winning their own. Michael Richards won three Best Supporting Actor prizes for playing Kramer, while Julia Louis-Dreyfus began her long Emmy run with one win for Elaine.

4. The First Ever Emmy Was Given To A Puppet

5. No African-American Has Ever Won Best Actress In A Drama

6. "SNL" Is The All-Time Leader With 171 Nominations

7. 1974 Was The Year Of The "Super Emmy"

8. Letterman Beats Leno, In Emmys At Least

9. Cloris Leachman Is The All-Time Leader With 8 Primetime Emmy Wins

10. Bill Maher Has Been Nominated 29 Times... And Never Won

11. Betty White Is The Oldest-Ever Nominee

12. No Politics Allowed: Sally Field Got Cut Off in 2007

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The actress used her acceptance speech for Brothers & Sisters to make an anti-war statement, saying, "Let's face it: If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn war in the first place!"

Fox cut away from her speech, something she only learned backstage.

"That's too bad, but I wanted to say something about the mothers who wait for their military children to come home from harm's way, from war," she said. "That's the heart of Nora's character this year... I shouldn't have said the 'god' in front of the 'damn. But you're up there in front of the lights, it's flashing. I would've liked to have said more words to get bleeped out. I didn't have an agenda."

13. Anchoring An NBC Office Place Cringe Comedy Doesn't Pay Off

Amy Poehler: Zero wins for playing Leslie Knope in three nominations.

Steve Carrell: Zero wins for playing Michael Scott in six nominations.