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23 School Designs That Are Comically Bad, No Offense

How are these real?

1. This suggestive wrestling mural that was made for high school students to snicker at:

2. And this sign that's more likely to inspire giggles than peace and quiet:

3. This amazing view:

4. This mailer sent by a DESIGN SCHOOL:

5. And this advertisement for a graphic design course that I really hope is a joke:

6. This statue erected outside of a Catholic school:

7. This sign that would have been fine for any school except a German one:

8. The gears in this sign that ironically won't turn:

9. This sign that manages to be both supportive and discouraging at the same time:

10. These jumbled letters:

11. This nonexistent "jace of diamonds":

12. This sign that sounds like it's describing the students instead of the school:

13. This announcement that looks like a '00s MySpace page come to life:

14. This poorly positioned projector screen:

15. And this completely useless fan:

16. The not-so-smart choices made when designing this sign 👀:

17. This slap in the face to art students everywhere:

18. This unsolvable equation:

19. These steps that apparently want you to fall on your face while trying to read them:

20. This mirror (honestly wtf?!):

21. This turnstile you can just walk around:

22. This ridiculous end zone:

23. And finally, these desks: