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19 Restaurants That Deserve The "Worst Design Of The Year" Award

Eat Jessica's Family.

1. These bunk booths that are a lawsuit waiting to happen:

u/September89 / Via

2. This menu that should be left unfolded at ALL TIMES:

u/truffs1010 / Via

3. This restaurant for cannibals:

u/Skwonkie_ / Via

4. This restaurant's welcome sign that took me five whole minutes to decipher:

u/Nopeasuoli / Via

5. The crappy excuse for dining room artwork:

u/hotdogfinatic / Via

6. And this artwork that's too graphic even for an anatomy and physiology textbook:

u/Rawrnosaur / Via

7. This wholly unnecessary bowl:

u/peacelovinhippy / Via

8. This Carl's Jr. whose facade looks like a one-star review:

u/Super_Zac / Via

9. This very unfortunate collage:

u/RagnarTohara / Via

10. This sign that's completely unintelligible, especially after a few drinks:

u/Buttons_Magee / Via

11. And this illogical sign for two different restaurants with two distinct cuisines:

u/Your_Local_Engineer / Via

12. This front desk centaur:

u/Oc70b3r / Via

13. These plates that look like they're covered in dirt:

u/Jetwynn / Via

14. This restaurant's photo booth where you can put your face in the cow's EYEBALL:

u/wordboy107 / Via

15. This restaurant that will not serve you, I guess???

u/AJD20033 / Via

16. This restaurant bathroom's incredibly disconcerting use of quotation marks:

u/SamwiseGamg33 / Via

17. This giant nose wallpaper at a McDonald's:

u/pretzelzetzel / Via

18. This menu on a stick that hurts to look at:

u/jookz / Via

19. And finally, this oversize food photo WITH A FLY IN IT:

u/isaacpeterson / Via