17 Bathrooms That Deserve The "Worst Design Of The Year" Award

    Don't look at me while I'm pooping.

    1. This bathroom stall with frosted glass doors:

    2. This stall door that lets the world know what your pooping face looks like:

    3. And this bathroom with a sorry excuse for stall walls:

    4. This bathroom that doesn't actually have poop covered walls, it's just DESIGNED THAT WAY:

    5. Same goes for this floor that was just made to look like someone peed all over it:

    6. This locker room bathroom that doesn't care about your so-called privacy:

    7. This pizza joint bathroom that is clearly anti-soap:

    8. This reflective floor that acts as the world's most unnecessary mirror:

    9. This hotel toilet that refuses to let you in:

    10. This bathroom that was made for close, CLOSE friends:

    11. And this urinal duo:

    12. This bathroom that makes you work for the wipe:

    13. This bathroom sink that just makes zero sense:

    14. Same goes for these pointless doors:

    15. This throne that's on a whole other level (literally):

    16. This stall door that falls short:

    17. And finally, this bathroom that's somehow its own damn floor:

    H/T r/mildlyinfuriating and r/crappydesign