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    49 Epic Fails From 2019 (So Far)

    "I’m at Sephora and the makeup artist asked this woman if she was allergic to anything and she said 'shrimp.'"

    1. This iconic Facebook status:

    this facebook status is a piece of modern art

    2. This hilarious misunderstanding:

    Kensli Taylor Davis / Via

    3. These hysterical dog panoramas:

    current mood: absolutely losing it over these pics of bad panoramas of dogs

    4. This perplexingly ominous wrong-number text:

    i got this dm at fucking 12:30 this morning and i’m still thinking about it

    5. This explicit misspelling:

    u/JukeboxSommelier / Via

    6. This online shopping fail:

    I’m crying at this little comrade.

    7. This Netflix glitch:

    Either there’s a @netflix glitch or @MarieKondo’s methods have escalated.

    8. This crime against chicken:

    Y’all wanna get upset by the lack of seasoning on my boyfriends roommates chicken with me

    9. This hilarious pattern placement;

    When sewing, always remember pattern placement is key.

    10. This historical Freudian slip:

    Julius Caesar’s senators on 15th March 44 BC

    11. This dog's cursed grooming:

    My mom got her dog’s feet shaved so that they wouldn’t get as dirty when she went outside.........

    12. This paradox:

    Is it just me or does this math not work out

    13. This double whammy:

    14. This Yelp dunk:

    @eiffeltyler / Via Twitter: @eiffeltyler

    15. This X-rated laundry bag:

    16. These technically correct answers:

    Hayi hayi they Robed my child how could this be possible?

    17. This umbrella/handmaid mix-up:

    Today I thought I saw a woman dressed as a handmaid about to jump from a building. I called 911.

    18. This sorry excuse for fries with cheese:

    Asked for chips and cheese. Wetherspoons hand me this. Kids are all crying. Pints been thrown. The Mrs has been arrested. Raging

    19. This boyfriend who took things too literally:

    I sent my bf to pick up some concealer for me and I told him to show it to me on his hand so I could see the color. This is what he sent me lol

    20. This washing machine mix-up:

    Know I’m high I done poured this shit in the washing machine all ova my clothes 😭

    21. This absolute genius:

    Guys. Let me tell you what my manager did today. A grown woman, on 6 figure salary. Poured a cup of tea on her work laptop and the keyboard stopped working. I told her to put it in rice. So she went to M&S Please look at this

    22. This kid who's probably STILL grounded:

    23. This customer who just answered the question she was asked:

    I’m at Sephora and the makeup artist asked this woman if she was allergic to anything and she said “shrimp”

    24. This friendship fail that I empathize with 100%:

    I am not a good hugger. Tonight a friend hugged me and I dropped some crackers I was holding and just gently said “my crackers” while waiting for the hug to end

    25. This Mariah Carey–Marie Curie mix-up:

    My cousin in England told her colleagues she wanted a Mariah Carey birthday cake. They misunderstood, and is the cake they made her instead. It’s Marie Curie, looking very festive.

    26. This *Italian chef kiss* perfect timing:

    This is why we can’t have nice things. I was trying to take a picture of the lobster roll I ordered in Maine and well, this happened 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    27. This flip that was a total flop:

    28. This typo:

    @fukeryyy / Via Twitter: @fukeryyy

    29. This counterfeiter who wasn't about to get caught:

    she got caught using counterfeit money pls help me lzhzzkzhslsgz

    30. This V-Day backfire:

    my niece has been moaning that she hasn’t had a valentines card so my brother sent one signed ‘?’ And she has been crying for hours saying she’s got a stalker

    31. This dropkick fail:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger proves he can’t be knocked down after the actor was unexpectedly drop-kicked during an event in South Africa.

    32. This man whose AirPods should be confiscated immediately:

    @CaseyNewton / Via Twitter: @CaseyNewton

    33. This person who should be on the no-fly list:

    34. This nonexistent time:

    If she wanna eat a burger at 16 am let her wtf

    35. This hilarious roast:

    36. And this app-solute disaster (sry):

    Cute guy in front of me queuing for coffee was on grindr so I messaged hi and watched as he read it and blocked me happy saturday

    37. This creative answer:

    u/emmarley / Via

    38. This unfortunate font choice:

    u/sovietmetalhead / Via

    39. This unimpressed audience member:

    This audience member winning a free trip to Paula Abdul’s Vegas residency is an icon.

    40. This sour situation:

    Today in office fridge war crimes, someone on my floor has reported that someone stole their pickle......juice. Not the pickles. Just the juice. And put the dry pickles back in the fridge.

    41. These d-bags:

    ladies, in 2019 we are NOT dealing with boys who leave shit tips and leave their phone numbers!

    42. This mom's perplexing labeling:

    I honestly have no idea why my mother has done this. 🤔

    43. This marital mishap:

    I ran to protect our new TV when the #earthquake hit. My wife is pregnant. We’re having a conversation now.

    44. This vicious swan:

    My friend got attacked by a swan. Twitter, plz do ur thang.

    45. This trunk punch to the face:

    46. This Insta-fail:

    47. This shrinkage situation:

    Left my slide in the window for two months & it shrunk 😭😭😭🤣

    48. This feisty customer service response:

    @tylerfbradley / Via Twitter: @tylerfbradley

    49. And finally, this kid's solution to cooling down Hot Cheetos:

    u/Jaydon1 / Via