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    22 Dog Panorama Fails That Are Waaaaay Funnier Than They Should Be

    Take a gander at these here Wonky Boyes™!!!

    1. The following are creatures who could only be created by one source of EVIL — iPhone's Panorama feature:

    current mood: absolutely losing it over these pics of bad panoramas of dogs

    2. Like this boye, whose reflection shows who he is ~inside~:

    @jocelynseip hey I have a contribution

    3. And this pupper whose powers combined to make him Cerberus, hound of Hades:

    4. This Lochness corgster emerging for a rare sighting:

    5. THIS HANDSOME VARMINT!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. This A N G O R Y six-eyed menace:

    7. These majestic winged fellows!!!!!!!!!!

    @jocelynseip Have a look at these cool birds

    8. This smol nug who is approximately 60% head and 40% butthole:

    9. This rare ~~~sLiNkY bOyE~~~:

    @jocelynseip Thanks for that. Here's another one.

    10. This two-legged vagabond:

    11. These loooooooooooong floooooooooooofers:

    @jocelynseip more pano-dogs for your viewing pleasure

    12. This condensed smoosh:

    13. This frightening sharp-toothed, tongue-lashing, faceless abomination!!!!!!!!

    14. ...This:

    @jocelynseip i feel the need to add to this

    15. This Picasso-lookin' pupper!!!!!!!!

    16. THIS HEADLESS FIGURE!!!!!!!!!

    17. HIM:

    @jocelynseip @mametown i just want to add this here

    18. This intriguing snek-doggo hybrid:

    19. HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @babaganoujsuck @harriettemp I am he

    20. This sad, sad excuse for a dachshund (no offense):

    21. This Wonky Boye™ enjoying a stroll in the park:

    22. And finally, this beach MONSTROSITY: