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    44 Products With Impressive Before And After Photos That’ll Make You Stop And Say “Whoa"

    Stop scrolling through countless reviews trying to decide if products are legit, and feast your eyes on these before and after pics that'll shatter your skepticism.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A jar of O'Keeffe's hand cream for anyone who is tired of their hands cracking and bleeding every winter.

    2. An enzyme-based laundry stain remover because it just might bring your fave top back to life after the stain you thought would be the end of it.

    Promising review: "For whatever reason, I am ALWAYS spilling things on my shirts and I cook every night (sometimes I remember the apron, sometimes I don't). My clothes are a mess by the end of the day. I'm not proud of it, but there it is. I have tried EVERYTHING there is to remove stains and this is the absolute BEST thing out there. (There is simply not a major stain remover that I have not tried.) The only thing close is a long pre-soak (I mean like six hours) in Oxyclean. With Puracy, you get the best result by doing it well in advance, but for me that is another plus because I would far rather spray them when I put them in the hamper than do it all at once just before I do the laundry. It seems to get everything out and I've never had any trouble with damaged fabric. I don't really review very much, but this is seriously outstanding." —NYC Buyer

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three sizes and packs of two).

    3. Some reviewer-beloved professional-level Crest Whitestrips that can remove 14 years of stains in under a month using the same enamel-safe whitening ingredient that dentists use. *Three* days is all it takes to see a whiter smile, and they even come with two bonus one-hour express treatments if you need same-day results!

    Before and after image of teeth to show how well the strips work

    4. A powerful, but gentle silicone paw cleaner here to make cleaning your pet's cute lil' feets a lot less of a hassle. Just add water, insert filthy paws, give 'em a little twist, and dab till dry! No scrubbing, no pain, and no more dirt, mud, sand, ice melt, and other grime getting tracked around your otherwise spotless home. Sounds like a win-win!

    5. A scarf holder that'll make it easier for you to grab one at the last minute *without* having to rummage through a pile of jumbled accessories and wind up running behind.

    6. A wood polish and conditioner with beeswax and orange oil that'll impressively hide those dings and scratches making your floors, doors, furniture, and other wood surfaces look old and dingy. Now you can put off replacing them and save some $$$!

    reviewer photo showing a dramatic before and after of their front doors

    7. A bitter but harmless clear polish that'll deter even the most dedicated nail biters. If you're tired of having painful, bleeding fingers but can't seem to break the habit, give this stuff a try!

    a before and after photo set displaying a reviewer's nail growth after using the clear polish

    8. A set of cleaning K-Cups you can pop into your Keurig just like you're making a normal cup of coffee. Then all you have to do is brew one large cycle with the cleaner pod, and one or more with just water (depending on how dirty your machine is), and you're done! Before you go replacing the whole thing, give these a try first!

    9. A cable organizer box because, let's face it, piles of tangled cords are not very aesthetically pleasing, and you didn't put effort into making your room cute only to have it marred by your quenchless thirst for electricity.

    10. A hydrating intense-therapy lip balm reviewers say is faster *and* more effective than other brands. Not only will it help quickly repair your chapped lips, but it'll also help protect them from the sun, wind, and extreme temps so you can kiss bleeding and cracks goodbye!

    11. A suede and nubuck-cleaning brush capable of fighting water stains all on its own so you can breathe a sigh of relief after getting stuck in the rain wearing your favorite shoes.

    12. Some cable clip organizers you can easily attach to any surface to keep your cords conveniently in place. Now you can just reach over to your nightstand to charge your phone instead of struggling to dig around on the floor while half of your body is still in bed.

    close up of mountable cable clips

    13. A "wrinkle release" spray if taking the time to warm up an iron in the morning is simply impossible. It's also great for those days when you don't notice the wrinkles until the last minute.

    14. A bottle of hard water booster powder you can simply add into your dishwasher if you tend to end up with spots, residue, and hard water film all over your dishes, cups, and silverware even *after* they've been through a cycle.

    reviewer photo of stained mug next to a clean mug after using powder

    15. A calming cream for soothing irritated, red, and splotchy skin when nothing else works, thanks to its use of centella asiatica extract — known as "tiger grass" — which helps repair and calm damaged/stressed skin while preventing scarring.

    16. Some Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes to ~miraculously~ nourish and save even the plants you thought were goners for sure.

    A review image of a wilted plant on the left, and the same plant but perky and full on the right

    17. A pet urine stain removing spray perfect for pet owners who are desperate to remove spots and smells both old and new.

    Reviewer image of a stained carpet
    Reviewer image of same carpet now clean

    Rocco & Roxie Supply Company is a family-owned small business established in 2013 that specializes in pet odor eliminators, pet toys, pet snacks, and pet accessories.

    Promising review: "I don’t know how I ever survived without this. There’s tons of 'pet stain/odor remover' products out there, but this by far is the absolute best. I cringed paying the $20 for it when others are between $5–$10, but I have NO ISSUES paying now. I foster dogs, some puppies, some older, some not housebroken, and every room in my house is carpeted except the kitchen, which means I have lots of accidents. I spray enough to saturate if it’s a lot of urine, let it soak for 10 minutes, then wipe it up with a hand towel. Then I put a larger towel on top of it if it’s in a high-traffic area until it’s completely dry. It’s taken out every stain and, more importantly, the odor is gone! I will never stop buying this product. I recommend it to everyone who has dogs!" —Shelley

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

    18. A set of bedsheet suspenders so when you wake up, your fitted sheets are still in place and looking neat and tidy instead of slipping off the corners and getting all tangled up with your blankets.

    19. A cutlery organizer tray that'll turn your kitchen drawer from 😱 to 😎!! It'll give you wayyyyyyy more drawer space, keep your silverware nicely organized, *and* make emptying the dishwasher a whole lot easier.

    20. A bottle of Tend Skin Solution for easily reducing razor bumps and painful ingrown hairs *without* tweezing so you can say goodbye to redness and irritation whether you're shaving, waxing, or using electrolysis or laser hair removal.

    21. A fast-acting Folex carpet spot-removing spray that'll easily remove those stains you thought you'd never be able to get rid of from things like pet accidents, grease, oil, ink, red wine, coffee, blood, rust, food, cosmetics, dirt, and more!

    22. An amazing InStyler hot brush for anyone who's tired of it taking forever to straighten their hair. This brush works *shockingly* fast, thanks to the large paddle that covers way more surface area than standard flat irons — allowing you to take sections *four times bigger* at once — plus, the powerful ceramic heaters that'll straighten with fewer passes so you can get out the door so much quicker looking fab!

    23. Some Avarelle tea tree and calendula oil–infused pimple patches that actually help reduce acne overnight by drawing out pus trapped under the skin. You can even see all of the gunk these patches pull out, so you know they're working.

    24. A windshield cover so you won't have to partake in everyone's favorite winter task: spending way too long standing in the cold and scraping ice and snow off of your windshield before every drive. "I just love shivering and being covered in snow every time I want to run to the store," said no one ever.

    25. A heavy-duty oven scrub designed to make oven disasters a lot *less* disastrous. It's made with gritty pumice stone so you can easily scrape out those burnt-on bits on the sides, racks, and even on the door's glass panel.

    26. A skin spatula perfect for giving your pores a deep clean and sending all those blackheads packing, using gentle and soothing high-frequency vibrations that de-clog pores without damaging them.

    27. A color-depositing conditioner brilliantly designed to instantly infuse color into your hair with every wash so you can stop dealing with messy home dyes or pricey salon appointments. Plus, the color will become even more vibrant every time you wash your hair using this magical conditioner!

    28. A hanging tool organizer you can use to hang brooms, mops, ironing boards, and more so you can free up some much needed floor space for all of the *other* things that need storing.

    reviewer before and after of their broom and appliances on the floor, then held up by this organizer

    29. A borderline miraculous foot peel that'll unearth a pair of smooth, soft feet hiding beneath layer after layer of dry and cracked dead skin and calluses — no painful scrubbing necessary! Just cut a hole in the booties, slip your feet in, and let it do its thing!

    30. A fast-acting exfoliating First Aid Beauty Bump Eraser Body Scrub reviewers swear by for getting rid of dry, rough bumps while brightening and soothing skin. Plus, you can use it instead of regular soap in the shower, as opposed to having to deal with putting on additional creams and products.

    A reviewer's before/after showing the bumpy skin that's now smooth with five-star review text "like a magic eraser"

    31. Watermark-removing cloths here to save the day if the people sharing your home seem to have never heard of an obscure little concept called "using a coaster."