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    This Carpet Cleaner Makes Stains Vanish Before Your Eyes, And Guys, Magic Is Real

    Never cry over spilled wine again.

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    One chilly night, while I was house-sitting, I spilled red wine all over a beautiful rug in the living room. To make matters worse, I couldn't find a stain remover anywhere. So what did I do?


    I panicked, I cried, and I cursed the heavens for betraying me in my time of need.

    After a good meltdown, many tears, and few YouTube videos, I WAS able to get the stain out — but definitely at the cost of my sanity. And this, my friends, is why why *everyone* should have a stain remover in their house!

    The traumatizing night inspired me to search for reliable cleaners (so I wouldn't have to freak the eff out next time I spilled something), and this $10 Folex carpet spot remover seems like just the thing.

    At first glance, the cleaning process recommended on the bottle seems too good (and easy) to be true. For starters, there's no rinsing or vacuuming involved. Second, it makes some pretty bold claims, including that the "spots vanish before your eyes."

    Well, spoiler alert(!!!) — it looks like those claims actually hold up in Amazon court (something that doesn't exist but should). Anyway, I audibly gasped when I saw this customer's review:

    jen /

    "So my dog got into my makeup bag and got ahold of some liquid lipstick and needless to say, I flipped out to see my carpets neon orange. It took about an hour and two rolls of paper towels but holy moly! WOW did this stuff work! My mother recommended it to me after using it on minor stains at her house and I'm so glad I got it. Definitely worth the money and it really does disappear right before your eyes like the bottle says!" —Jen

    Okay, so it clearly works on carpet. What about on car seats? Why yes — yes it does:

    Brittany /

    "I had terrible rust and oil stains all over the seats of my car when I bought it. I tried other cleaners to get it out, but they actually made the stains darker. I took it to the dealership to see if they could get it out, and they flat-out told me no, so I gave up and lived with it for almost five years. I tried this after it was recommended by a friend. I sprayed it on and literally watched the stain run right off my seat. It was amazing! I thought I was going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace the seats in my car because nothing else would work. This stuff really is awesome!" —Brittany

    The cleaner has 2,000+ reviews, and lots of people say it works on wine, pet messes, and tough stains.

    "I love my guy. I adore him. He brings coffee up the stairs every morning. But it spills. And oh, yeah, there's the issue of tracking in stuff from the garage. And then there's me spilling food as I bring it into the dining room. Or him with the soup on its way to the couch before the game. Did I mention the granddaughter? And a happy friend or three drinking wine. The tipped-over mug of tea. The chocolate. Oh, look, the ketchup-laden piece of meatloaf. The daughter's dog. The dirt from the deck.

    ALL OF IT comes out with this stuff. My professional carpet cleaner recommended it and told me, flat-out, point-blank, 'Do NOT bother with anything else — it'll be a waste of your money and time, and mine.'" —Student of the craft

    And here's one more, because YOU GUYS! This stuff is magic!

    Angelica Bongiorno /

    "I buy A LOT! Never really get around to writing a review but THIS product deserves immediate recognition!!! My 2-year old curious daughter spilled an entire bottle of my Chanel makeup on our carpet. O-M-G WOW is all I have to say!!!" —Angelica Bongiorno

    Listen, you never know when a spill is going to strike. Ease the panic and skip the ugly crying by just keeping a bottle of this under the sink!


    Shoot, get an extra to store in your car too!

    Get a 32-oz. spray bottle from Amazon for $10.27 or Walmart for $13.66 and a 1-gallon refill from Jet for $21.81.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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